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Development Archive for the Xenos Motorglider and Xenos-B

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About the Xenos Motorglider

The XENOS follows in the Monnett tradition of bringing the cost of motor gliding to a highly affordable level. Using the same cost-effective and easy-to-build construction techniques and materials of the Sonex and Waiex, the Xenos offers another Reality Check for the soaring world. The Xenos comes standard with utility wing tips that can be easily removed to fit inside a 40 foot hangar, and can be quickly interchanged with optional aerobatic wingtips.

The Xenos can either be flown as a Sport Pilot/LSA, or it can be flown by pilots that hold a glider rating with a self-launch glider endorsement. The Xenos can be flown as a powered aircraft, a self-launched glider that soars with the engine off, or it can motor-soar over great distances with incredible fuel economy.


Xenos Development Updates:

Kitplanes eXenos Series: First Flight!

Another installment in Paul Dye’s series of Kitplanes Magazine articles about his electric-powered eXenos is now available: Read the Article! This series covers the installation of FLIT LLC’s Zaero electric propulsion package in Paul and Louise’s Xenos Motorglider. Paul first flew Xenos serial number X0061 on April 8th, and has written a series of feature… Read More

Xenos Builders: Speed-Up Your Build with New Matched-Hole Parts!

Sonex has been continually upgrading Xenos Motorglider kits through the years to help make the largest of our kit aircraft models easier to build, and to speed production of Xenos Quick Build Kits. These new parts are now available for existing builders to get a leg-up on their projects, and even builders of the current… Read More

Electric Xenos Motor/Battery Mounts Now Available to Order!

Sonex is pleased to announce that motor/battery mounts are now available to order for the Xenos Motorglider Zaero Electric Propulsion package! Developed by Gabriel DeVault, the installation uses the standard Sonex cowlings and AeroVee Spinner with Sensenich Propeller… Read More

B-Model Features Added to Xenos Motorglider!

PRESS RELEASE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE B-Model Features Added to Xenos Motorglider! January 5, 2017, Oshkosh, WI Sonex Aircraft is extremely pleased to announce the new Xenos B-Model aircraft kit! The Xenos-B combines all of the great enhancements of the Sonex and Waiex B-Models with the outstanding motorglider performance and value of the Xenos. The Xenos-B… Read More

First Customer-Built Xenos Takes Flight!

Please note that links on older archive pages are often not active. These pages serve purely as an informational archive. If you have trouble obtaining the information you need from this site, please email the webmaster with your questions. Congratulations to Craig Jones of Austin, Minnesota, whose AeroVee powered Xenos (S/N X0011) flew for the… Read More

Xenos Development Archive 5: Stall and Spin Testing the Xenos Motor Glider

July 2, 2004: Tested and Written by Roger Tanner 3300 Jabiru powered Xenos prototype N212XS owned by Pete Buck. (Photo by Roger Tanner) Roger Tanner The Xenos is a new motor glider based on the popular Sonex family of sport planes design by Pete Buck and John Monnett of Sonex, ltd. Pete and I both… Read More

Xenos Development Archive 4 – Flight Testing: July, 2003 – July, 2004

July 15, 2004 Sonex Articles: There is a new article of interest to Xenos Builders. You can access it through the link below: Xenos Flying Qualities by Roger Tanner (Stall and Spin Testing of the Xenos Motor Glider) May 3, 2004 The Prototype Xenos Motorglider was brought out of flight test yesterday by Pete Buck…. Read More

Xenos Development Archive 3: September, 2001 – June, 2003

June 19, 2003 The two prototype Xenos Motorglider, along with another Sonex Prototype came out of paint this week. We are now hard at work putting the finishing touches on all 3 aircraft. May 1, 2003 Progress continues on both Xenos Prototypes. Below are the latest images.Canopies,windshields, and fuel tanks have been fitted, panel layouts… Read More

Xenos Development Archive 2: Wing Destructive Load Test

March 7, 2001 Xenos Wing Static Load Test The Xenos destructive test was completed last weekend. The wing passed with flying colors! Below are pictures and explainations at each stage of the test. Note that these pictures were taken before the load was released in each case, so the wing deflections are not depicted. This… Read More

Xenos Development Archive 1: October, 2000 – February, 2001

February 7, 2001 The skinning of the Xenos test wing is complete. The wing test is scheduled for the first week of March. Below are pictures of the skins as they are installed. January 5, 2001 The Xenos Wing structure is complete. Next up: Installing the wing skins. December 15, 2000 Looking more like a… Read More

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