Required Tools

Sonex Aircraft are Designed to be Built with Minimal Tools!

Sonex Aircraft are designed to be constructed using a minimal amount of specialized tools. Being able to build the aircraft using simple tools is just one more way in which Sonex Aircraft keep your construction costs low, offering the Best Performance Per Dollar!


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Sonex Recommended Tool Videos

Sonex, LLC now has a 3-part video series discussing the tools recommended to build a Sonex Aircraft.


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Tool Lists

Below is a listing of tools recommended to complete Sonex kits, categorized by supplier. If you have additional questions about tools, please Contact Sonex Aircraft Technical Support.

Recommended Aircraft-Specific Tools:
Part Number Description Suggested for Tail Kit Qty (Full Project)
Wicks: 200-SHP Cleco Pliers (Pliers) X 1
Wicks: AT551X Clecos, 3/32" X 200
Wicks: AT552X Clecos, 1/8" X 200
Wicks: AT553X Clecos, 5/32" (Qty 10 required of using Pre-Assembled Main Wing Spars) 100
Wicks: AT554X Clecos, 3/16" X 10
Wicks: 1003-100 Counter Sink, 100 degree (1/8" ,#30) 1
Wicks: 5102D-1/8 Dimpler for Pop Rivets 1
Wicks: 5102D-3/32 Dimper for 3/32 Rivets 1
Wicks: TP44-0 Hand Seamer (Offset) X 1
Wicks: M-1R Snips, Aviation ,Left hand 1
Wicks: M-2R Snips, Aviation ,Right hand 1
Wicks: MC14 Snips, Combination (Andy 14") X 1
Wicks: F4246A3 File, Chain Saw, Round X 1
Wicks: F4246A6 File, Chain Saw, Flat X 1
Wicks: F3753 3M Scotch Brite Wheel X 1
Wicks: 1261ME Meter Stick 1
Wicks: 6CLAMP C-Clamp with Swivel Pads X 2
Wicks: S4275T Standard Aircraft Handbook X 1
Wicks: 988-40 Drill Bits-#40 Size X 24
Wicks: 988-30 Drill Bits-#30 Size X 24
Wicks: 988-21 Drill Bits-#21 Size X 4
Wicks: VX10 File, Vixen X 1
Wicks: 1046 Speed Deburring Tool X 1
Wicks: 500 Fluting Pliers 1
Wicks Aircraft Supply
Recommended Local Hardware Store Tools:
Description Suggested for Tail Kit
Band Saw, wood cutting, 5-6 TPI blade (table model is ok)
Compressor, Small X
DA Sander (Air or Electric)
Drill Press, Small (table model is ok)
Electric Drill, 3/8 USR X
Grinder, Bench X
Mallet, Plastic Tip (Sears Craftsman PN: 38292) X
Pneumatic "Pop" Riveter X
Hand "Pop" Rivet Tool X
Spiral Cutter (Drill Bit)
Straight Edge, 3' (Ruler) X
Wrenches, SAE X
Wrenches, Socket X
Sharpie Permanent Markers - colored (blue or red) & black; both fine point and ultra fine point X

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