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Buying Previously Owned Sonex Plans and Complete Kits:

Sonex Plans that have not been used to build an Airframe may be resold. In order for Sonex Aircraft, LLC to recognize the transfer of ownership, three actions must be taken. One by the Seller and two by the Buyer:

Seller: The Sonex Articles of Agreement and Waiver of Liability requires the seller to notify Sonex Aircraft, LLC of the ownership transfer in writing. This is most easily accomplished by messaging and submitting documents to the Orders/Customer Service department via the Sonex Contact Form.

Buyer: The buyer (new owner) must sign and return their own completed copy of the Articles of Agreement and Waiver of Liability ( along with a $100 owernship transfer fee. Copies, faxes and email attachments are accepted, as long as they are legible. Credit Cards are accepted for the ownership transfer fee along with check. US Mail for payment by check: Sonex Aircraft, LLC, 511 Aviation Rd, Oshkosh, WI 54902. Please leave all seller signature lines blank. Sonex is always considered the seller, and will sign the documentation when it is received. Note: If the buyer is purchasing a complete kit or flying aircraft, then a copy of the signed FAA Bill of Sale (Form 8050-2) must also be included with the Planholder Buyer Agreement. The FAA values the chain of ownership with all kit aircraft and aircraft registration can become very difficult if this chain is not documented by all owners. We encourage all individuals involved the ownership transfer process to visit ( for more information on FAA requirements.

  • The Articles of Agreement and Waiver of Liability can be downloaded here:
  • FAA Form 8050-2 can be downloaded here (pdf format) -or- the 8050-2 Form supplied to the original kit purchaser may be used:
  • If you did not receive the original document form the seller, or do not have access to it, Sonex will re-initiate the chain of ownership by issuing a new copy to the original owner. From there, it is the responsibility of the new owner to ensure all previous owners are documents and signed.

Once the signed Articles of Agreement and Waiver of Liability and ownership transfer fee are received from the new owner and written notice of the transfer of ownership is received from the seller, the new owner assumes all of the rights and privileges of the original purchaser with two exceptions:

  • In order to attend the Sonex Workshop, the new owner must pay the $200 registration fee.
  • No parts exchanges are accepted from second-hand kit/parts owners, and part warranties are not transferrable to new owners.

Other Notes on Plan Transfers:

  • Ownership transfers typically take 5-10 business days to process, beginning from the first day that all requirements are received by Sonex Aircraft staff.
  • Once a transfer is complete, you will be notified via email with a PAID invoice for your ownership transfer fee. Upon receiving this email notification, you will be able to create a Sonex Web Store account and be granted Sonex Aircraft Plans Owner membership status, allowing you to access all restricted Web Store product categories.
  • Participation in the e-mail groups, technical support, or placing of orders will not be allowed until the ownership transfer process is complete.
  • Complete Sonex Kits share the serial number of the set of plans they are purchased under. Therefore, whenever a Sonex kit is re-sold or transferred, the set of plans they are purchased under is part of that transaction and must remain with the kit.
  • Any amount due to Sonex Aircraft under the Serial Number must be paid before an ownership transfer is allowed.
  • Any Sonex Aircraft that is known to have been heavily damaged in an incident or accident is not eligible for ownership transfer. Component parts may be salvaged from the aircraft and used on a new serial number purchased from Sonex Aircraft.
  • The last registered owner of the plans will be held accountable for any use of the plans or parts that violate intellectual property laws and/or Articles of Agreement and Waiver of Liability terms.
  • International Ownership Transfer and Plans Building Availability: Sonex Plans Ownership Transfers are only available to customers in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Complete Airframe Kit and Sub-Kit projects along with flying aircraft are eligible for transfer in all countries worldwide.

    Buyer beware: Only one set of Sonex Spar Caps are sold per plan serial number. It is the buyer's responsibility to check with Sonex Aircraft, LLC to ensure Spars have not been previously sold under the prospective buyer's serial number.

    Make Sure You're Getting a Good Deal: Read Sonex Aircraft's guidance on Buying New vs. Used kits and aircraft.

    Buying Flying Sonex Aircraft:

    Any Flying Sonex Aircraft carries the Serial number of the Sonex Plans used to build it. In order for the flying aircraft ownership transfer to be recognized by Sonex Aircraft, LLC the procedure for Buying Sonex Plans (above) must be followed by Buyer and Seller. The Sonex Plans (print set) must be sold with the corresponding aircraft. It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure the plans are included in the purchase of any 2nd hand aircrafts. Part warranties are not transferable to new owners, and parts exchanges are not accepted.

    Note: we recommend that all Sonex Aircraft owners utilize their own buyer agreement when selling Experimental Amateur-Built aircraft, such as the template provided by EAA on their Members Only web site (log-in required):

    Make Sure You're Getting a Good Deal: Read Sonex Aircraft's guidance on Buying New vs. Used kits and aircraft.

    Selling Previously Owned Sonex Component Parts:

    All Sonex Component Parts may be resold without correspondence with Sonex Aircraft, LLC. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the parts are genuine Sonex component parts. Note that Part warranties are not transferable to the new owner, and parts exchanges are not accepted.

    Warranty Information:

    Sonex Aircraft, LLC values each and every customer. If there is a problem with any part or service provided please contact us immediately (see "Part Returns and Exchanges" below). Sonex Aircraft, LLC exclusively sells experimental (non-PMA'd) aircraft parts. There is no warranty for these parts, implied or intended, unless explicitly stated in the part documentation. Sonex Aircraft, LLC is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of any product offerings including direct or indirect labor, lodging, repair, medical or legal expenses incurred by a customer, or any agent of the customer. The user is responsible for the entire risk of all parts used on their aircraft. All Electrical Components sold by Sonex Aircraft, LLC are not eligible for return, exchange or factory service. This is standard industry practice. These component parts (including but not limited to the AeroVee secondary ignition pick-up modules and coils, stator alternator, magnetron ignition units, and regulator) are shipped from the Sonex Factory as functional tested components. We have seen cases where they are returned to the Sonex facility in a damaged condition from improper wiring. Also, it should be noted that the majority of "defective" electrical parts returned to us are fully functional. We encourage all builders to wire their engine and ignition per the detailed wiring diagrams provided in the manuals. Parts obtained second-hand are not eligible for warranty under any circumstances.

    Part Returns or Exchanges:

    For Shipping Damage, please refer to the SHIPPING DAMAGE Section below.

    No part returns or exchanges are accepted by Sonex Aircraft, LLC after 30 days from date of purchase. Special Order items, including but not limited to propellers, instruments and upholstery, are not eligible for return or exchange. All part returns must be authorized in writing from Sonex Aircraft, LLC before they are returned for repair, replacement, or exchange. This can best be accomplished by messaging the Product Support department via the Sonex Contact Form with an explanation of the issue and detailed images where appropriate. If an issue is found, Sonex Aircraft, LLC will issue a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number and instructions for returning the part or assembly for repair, replacement, exchange, or refund. Any refund is subject to a restocking charge depending on the condition of the returned part. Any part returned without an RMA will be immediately returned at the owner's expense. As with standard practice in all industries, regardless of the corrective action on any (RMA) returned part, shipping expenses to and from the Sonex facility are the customer’s responsibility. Sonex Aircraft reserves the right to determine how a warranty repair will be made in lieu of part replacement. RMA numbers can be obtained by contacting Sonex by messaging the Product Support department via the Sonex Contact Form. Part Exchanges are subject to a minimum handling and restocking fee of 20% subject to the condition of the returned parts. Parts obtained second-hand are not eligible for warranty under any circumstances.

    Technical Support:

    Sonex and AeroConversions customers are encouraged to utilize the provided technical documentation to the greatest extent possible when troubleshooting technical problems. Customers may also contact Sonex and AeroConversions Technical Support staff by messaging the Product Support department via the Sonex Contact Form, or by contacting Technical Support via telephone at 920-231-8297 during the days and hours posted at:

    Obtaining a Kit Bill of Sale:

    Sonex Aircraft, LLC will issue an FAA Form 8050-2 Kit Bill of Sale form to every kit purchased at the end of each month. If a previous kit builder requires this form, contact the Orders/Customer Service department via the Sonex Contact Form and the signed FAA Bill of Sale form will be sent.

    Scratch Building Availability:

    Legacy Sonex-A Model Plans are available for individual purchase only to customers in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Customers in all other countries may only build using a Complete Airframe Kit, Sub-Kits, or a Quick Build Kit.

    Articles of Agreement & Waiver of Liability with Sonex Aircraft, LLC:

    All customers wishing to conduct any business transactions with Sonex Aircraft, LLC related to the construction, operation or support of a Sonex Aircraft, must sign and submit the most current version of the Articles of Agreement & Waiver of Liability. Sonex Aircraft planholders who have already signed and submitted previous versions of the Articles of Agreement & Waiver of Liability must re-submit the current version of the Agreement before initiating new transactions. The Articles of Agreement & Waiver of Liability can be downloaded at:

    Placing Orders:

    We strongly encourage our customers to use our Web Store to place orders.

    Reasons to order via the Sonex Web Store:

    1. Safety and security of personal information including credit card numbers. Please note: credit cards are not processed immediately at the time the order is placed on the Web Store, but manually by the Sonex staff.
    2. Efficiency - All information needed to process an order is requested via online form rather than back-and-forth correspondence via phone & email which will prolong the final placement of your order.
    3. Accuracy - Customer is able to double check personal information and order particulars prior to submission.
    4. Customer order receipt - Proof that your order was actually received and is being reviewed for processing.
    5. Order Comments/Notes - Should you have any specific comments or instructions, the Web Store provides an order comments/notes field for you to explain your wishes.
    6. Reference/Tracking - The Web Store will provide you with an order number to reference upon contacting Sonex with any inquiry.

    Please contact the Orders/Customer Service department via the Sonex Contact Form should you need any assistance in getting started using our secure Sonex Web Store. We are happy to help.

    General* Sonex orders are usually shipped within 0-14 business days from the date the order was approved for packing** by Sonex staff.

    *General Sonex orders = are not complete kits, sub-kits, or third party orders (items produced by third party vendors).
    **Approved for packing = the staff has all of the correct information needed as well as whatever payment is necessary for your particular order.

    For larger orders (booked orders), like kits and engines, or if there is a prolonged backorder in excess of 4 weeks, Sonex will contact you with further information. Customers should keep in mind that third party orders usually have extended lead times.

    For customers who are unable to place their orders using the Sonex Web Store:

    Orders placed via telephone, fax or email must include the customer name, billing address, shipping address, email, telephone, payment method, item number, description, quantity, and cost. It is the customer's responsibility to notify Sonex Aircraft, LLC of any billing or shipping address or other contact information changes as they occur. The following order forms are available for fax orders or mail orders, or to be used as a reference for e-mail and telephone orders:

    • All Plans or Airframe Kit orders must be accompanied by a signed copy of the Planholder Buyer Agreement (Articles of Agreement and Waiver of Liability):


      Complete Aircraft Kit, Kit Minus Tail, Engine, Quick Build & SubSonex kit orders require a 50% deposit and submission of all required Buyer Agreements (above) to begin the ordering process with an estimated delivery date and order confirmation supplied by Sonex Aircraft, LLC. Deposits are non-refundable after the customer has approved the Order Confirmation.

      Any delay in kit delivery requested by the customer for any reason may incur higher pricing if a price increase occurs between the time of order and delivery.

      All prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

      Customer Responsibilities:

    • Customer Refusals - The customer is responsible for any shipping and warehouse charges that may occur due to the refusal of delivery. An invoice will be sent to the customer reflecting such costs.

    • Additional Services - The customer is responsible for any shipping and warehouse charges that may occur due to customer request of additional shipping services not quoted or booked by Sonex Aircraft, LLC including but not limited to Inside Delivery, Lift Gate Service, Appointment Fees, etc.

    • Customer Order Errors - Once an email or phone order is confirmed by the customer, or a Web Store order is submitted, any order entry errors made by the customer are the responsibility of the customer. This includes but is not limited to part number errors, quantity errors, and shipping address errors. An invoice will be sent to the customer reflecting such costs associated with the order error.

      Walk-in Customers:

      Customers may pick up orders to save shipping cost. We strongly suggest customers place an order first at to allow us time to prepare the order. Please allow at least two hours after placing an order and 3-4 hours on Monday (which tends to be our busiest day). The more advanced notice we have of a part pick-up order, the better. Note that all pick-up orders are subject to 5% WI Sales Tax. Complete Airframe Kit, Subkits, or AeroVee Engine Kit pick-up orders are subject to current lead times.

    Required Spare Canopy for International Orders:

    Aircraft Canopies are fragile items. Although Sonex Aircraft canopies are made from SonPlex Acrylic for better durability than standard plexiglass, canopies may still be damaged by the builder during installation and use, or may be damaged during shipping. Canopies are large items that require custom crating and are very expensive to ship overseas.

    All International (excluding Canada and Mexico) Complete Airframe Kit orders, Fuselage Sub-Kit orders, or individual parts orders which include a canopy will have $220 added to the order for the inclusion of a Required Spare Canopy ($320 in the case of a Onex). This spare canopy price includes a $100 discount.

    Component Part Lead Times:

    Sonex Aircraft, LLC continues to use just-in-time manufacturing from a wide range of suppliers to keep costs down and quality up. If particular items have an unanticipated strong demand, occasionally they will be out of stock for an extended period. Many component assemblies (AeroCarbs/AeroInjectors, Trim Assemblies, etc) are also built-to-order so if one component part is missing the entire assembly must be back-ordered. The best way to avoid delays in your project is to order items well in advance of when they will be required. Current lead times for specific items can be obtained from Sonex Aircraft, LLC by phone, fax, or e-mail.

    Payment Methods:

    Domestic General Order - Sonex accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, bank transfers, money orders, cashiers checks, and personal checks. Credit card orders placed online are not processed automatically at the time of order, but are manually processed by Sonex staff. Please note that the customer is responsible for bank charges that may apply. For all bank funds transfers, please request bank transfer information for each transfer performed. All domestic bank transfers are charged an additional $15.00 processing fee.

    International General Orders – Payments may be made via bank funds transfer or by credit card (under USD$5,000). Please note that the customer is responsible for bank charges that may apply. For all bank funds transfers, please request bank transfer information for each transfer performed. All international bank transfers are charged an additional $20 processing fee.

    Credit Card Chargebacks - Customer's who perform a chargeback will be charged a minimum of $25 from the credit card company and $25 from Sonex Aircraft. To avoid any fees, we recommend customers always pursue resolution with Sonex prior to initiating a chargeback with the credit card company.

    Payment for QuickBuild, SubSonex, Complete Airframe Kits, Kit-Minus-Tail Kits, Wing and Fuselage Sub-Kits*or AeroVee Engine Kits:

    All down payments are 50% of the total order.

    Domestic payments may be made via credit card, bank transfer, cashiers check, or personal check.

    International payments may be made via bank funds transfer, credit card, cashiers check, or personal check. Please note that the customer is responsible for bank charges that may apply. Please contact Sonex in advance of every bank transfer for the updated and correct transfer information.

    *Note: Because of their short lead-times, payment in-full is required for Tail, Stick Configuration, or Landing Gear/Engine Configuration Sub-Kits unless combined with other Sub-Kits to make a larger order requiring a longer lead time (shipment would then require a normal kit production schedule reservation and current Complete Airframe Kit lead times would apply to the order).

    Payment Left On Account:

    Sonex will not permit funds to be left on account past 180 days. Sonex will make every attempt to reach the customer for pertinent mailing information in order to mail a refund, however, if there is no response from the customer in 180 days, the funds will no longer be available for refund.

    Part Shipment Inventory:

    All Sonex Part Shipments include a packing list. Complete kit shipments contain a detailed pack list with the items included in each box. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify all parts reported on the packing list are received in a shipment. You have 30 days to complete an inventory and notify us of missing or damaged parts.

    Any obvious damage to a box or crate should be carefully documented (see Shipping Damage section below). Note that most freight companies will not honor damage or shortage claims made after 10 business days.


    DOMESTIC SHIPPING (Incl. Canada & Mexico) – General & AeroVee Engine Kit Orders
    Sonex will ship your package, best way. UPS is the preferred shipper. General orders that exceed the requirements to ship UPS will ship Con-Way Freight. All orders are packaged and shipped on a first come, first served basis.

    DOMESTIC FREIGHT (Incl. Canada & Mexico) – Complete Airframe, Subkit, and AeroVee Orders
    Con-Way Freight is our preferred freight shipper. Our shipping department will contact you the day your shipment leaves our shop and provide a pro number to track the exact arrival date, along with local service center contact information, so you may coordinate the delivery with the freight company. Domestic shipping can take between 1 and 7 business days, depending on your proximity to Oshkosh, WI. Please contact Sonex for current lead times for Complete Airframe Kit, Sub-Kit, or AeroVee Engine Kit orders.

    Sonex will ship your international package by UPS whenever possible. Sonex will provide a shipping estimate upon request. US Mail is NOT available to any country that the United States has imposed Sanctions on or to Brazil, Italy, Russia, or South Africa based on our past experience. Sonex reserves the right to refuse US Mail service to any country where difficulty and/or shipping losses have been encountered. Please see US Mail section below. Private citizens in Russia may not receive shipments from the United States. All packages to private citizens are refused by Russian customs authorities and returned by UPS at the customer’s expense. All shipments to Russia must be consigned to a business address.

    INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT – Airframe & AeroVee Kit Orders
    We regularly ship international freight with freight vendor WorldWide Logistic Partners (WWLP). As your shipping date approaches, Sonex staff will obtain shipping quotes from WWLP and will present you with all available options from which to choose.

    Please note that shipping quotes are subject to fluctuation without notice due to fuel prices, etc. All quotes are subject to each freight forwarder’s own terms and conditions, which are provided to you by Sonex along with your quotes for approval.

    After your shipment leaves our shop and is processed by the freight forwarder for export, Sonex will receive booking details which include: Booking Number; Vessel Name and Sail Date (or Flight Information if shipping via Air Freight); Estimated Date of Arrival at the Port of Discharge; and Estimated Delivery Date (if shipping door-to-door).

    In most cases, you will have the option of shipping Door-to-Port, or Door-to-Door, except in locations where Door-to-Door service is not available. Door-to-Port is most-often the most economical method. Your order will be shipped to the closest sea or airport to your address and you will need to pick-up your shipment at the port personally or arrange transportation from the port to the final destination yourself. Door-to-Door shipping means that Sonex’s freight vendors will pre-arrange delivery of the kit to your door. It is most often cheaper for a resident of a given country to arrange these services domestically than it is for a foreign company such as Sonex and its freight vendors, which is why we recommend the Door-to-Port option.

    Quick Build Kit orders to most of the United States will ship via specialized transport, and do not require crating. LTL freight shipments to the US, Canada and Mexico require full crating and ship according to the terms for DOMESTIC FREIGHT (above). International LCL shipments require full crating and ship according to the terms for INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT (above).

    The shipping method used is left at the discretion of our Shipping Department based on what’s the lowest cost vs. highest dependability with regard to insurability, transit time, tracking, and likelihood of damage.

    3rd party orders are subject to drop ship fees, as orders are shipped directly from the vendor. If shipping to Sonex for pick up, 3rd party drop ship fees still apply since they are then drop shipped to our facilities.

    Sonex sends all part shipments over $50 total merchandise value via UPS. Should the customer request US Mail, Sonex will determine if that service is possible to the particular destination. If US Mail is possible, Sonex will send the shipment via US Mail and the customer will be solely responsible for the shipment once it leaves the Sonex facility. Sonex is not responsible for US Mail tracking, US Mail claims, and/or any other service needed related to a lost or damaged shipment that was sent via US Mail. Sonex customers who choose to ship via US Mail, do so at their own risk.

    UPS shipping charges are billed on a “cost of shipment” basis. A nominal charge is added for the packaging, labor and handling, and insurance. All packages are shipped via UPS Ground service unless upgraded shipping service is specifically requested. Shipping cost goes up almost exponentially in the sequence of UPS Ground, 3-Day Select, 2nd Day Air, and Next Day Air. UPS does NOT guarantee air delivery to residential addresses. Saturday delivery is available from UPS but is very expensive. UPS insures all UPS shipments for damage and missing packages. Sonex Aircraft, LLC. is not responsible for any physical damage to products by shipping company (see Shipping Damage section below). Sonex Aircraft, LLC. is NOT responsible for any loss or damage due to packages left at your doorstep by UPS drivers. UPS tracking numbers are automatically provided to all customers who provide e-mail addresses. Package tracking information is available 24/7 from the UPS web site:

    Sonex Aircraft, LLC is not responsible for damage to parts due to freight mishandling. It is the customer’s responsibility to document any and all freight damage and file a claim with the appropriate freight company.

    Sonex currently ships with two freight companies for domestic shipping: XPO Logistics and UPS. Instructions for initiating damage claims with each company are below. Claims on international shipments must be filed with the international freight forwarder used for that shipment.

    If any freight damage occurs, document the damage carefully with photographs and be sure to note it on the bill of lading /point it out to the delivery driver. Once the freight claim is filed with the freight company, then the freight company will contact Sonex, and we will work with the freight company to assign values to the individual parts and arrange to get you replacement parts.

    The individual instructions for damage claims are listed on the following web sites and phone numbers:

    XPO Logistics (formerly Con-Way): (Select "Claims Filing” from the blue "Manage It" menu.) Tel: (800) 755-2728
    Be sure to include the cost of shipping replacement parts in your claim. If you are unsure of replacement part shipping cost, please consult Sonex Aircraft, LLC staff.

    UPS: Tel: UPS Preferred Customer Accounts team: 800-377-4877
    To report a damaged package electronically, please follow these steps:
    1. Select "Support" in the menu at the top of the page.
    2. Select "File a Claim".
    5. Complete all of the required fields on the e-mail form, and submit.

    Cancellation Policy:

    Cancellation Policy for QuickBuild, SubSonex, Complete Airframe Kit, Kit Minus Tail, Sub Kits, & Engine Orders: These orders can be cancelled up until the time the customer has approved the formal Order Confirmation. Once approval is received from the customer, it is final and the funds are no longer available for refund.

    In the event of cancellation following customer approval of Order Confirmation for the above mentioned orders (booked orders), pre-shipped airframe kit plans numbers will be voided. Purchases under those voided plans numbers will not be permitted by Sonex Aircraft, LLC.

    General Orders Cancellation/Change Policy/Fee: Orders must be cancelled or changed within 24 hours of placing the order. Sonex cannot guarantee that the order has not already shipped by that time, but will make an effort to change the order, if possible. For general part orders exceeding $1,000, a 10% cancellation fee applies to cancellations received more than 24 hours after initial order has been made. For cancellations of orders of any value that have already been packed by the Sonex warehouse, handling charges will be applied. Order cancellations may also result in “single shipment” or other special handling fees from shipping companies as a result of the change in the warehouse shipping/freight pickup schedule caused by the order cancellation. All such fees will be charged to the cancelled order.

    Sonex Aircraft, LLC Trademark Policy:

    Sonex Aircraft, LLC has registered the names, logos, and trademarks of the Company with the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States and with the State of Wisconsin.

    Registration establishes the Company's ownership of the Sonex Aircraft,LLC Marks and its exclusive right to use the Marks throughout the United States and Wisconsin Registration enables Sonex Aircraft,LLC to prevent others from using the Sonex Marks in an unauthorized manner.

    This policy's mission is to (1) protect Sonex Aircraft's reputation, good name and image by insuring proper use of all of Sonex Marks; (2) generating unrestricted income to support the operational goals of Sonex Aircraft,LLC; and (3) assuring that only quality products bear Sonex Marks.

    1. Definitions:
    Sonex Marks: Any and all names, logos, trademarks, service marks, word marks, insignias or other images, whether or not registered, utilized by Sonex Aircraft, LLC.

    Officially Licensed Vendor: Any vendor who obtains from Sonex Aircraft LLC's a license to sell merchandise bearing Sonex Marks.

    2. Authority:
    State and federal law require all trademark holders to exercise control over the use and quality of its marks.

    3. Applicability:
    This policy applies to all individuals, organizations, departments, businesses, and advertisers wishing to sell, market and/or give away merchandise bearing any Sonex Mark.

    4. Policy:
    No Sonex Mark may be used without the prior written authorization of Sonex Aircraft, LLC. All products bearing Sonex Marks and distributed for resale or other promotional purposes are subject to the licensing policies of Sonex Aircraft,LLC.

    Only an Officially Licensed Vendor is approved to produce emblematic merchandise bearing Sonex Marks. Sonex Aircraft,LLC maintains a list of all Officially Licensed Vendors. Sonex Marks shall be used as registered, include the appropriate trademark designation, and may not be otherwise altered without the written authorization of Sonex Aircraft,LLC.

    5. Procedure:
    Request Submission: All requests for use of Sonex Marks shall be submitted in writing, to Sonex Aircraft,LLC. Sonex Aircraft,LLC encourages all requests be submitted with as many specifics as to intended use as possible, including artwork. All requests should be submitted by messaging the Orders/Customer Service department via the Sonex Contact Form with the Subject of "Sonex Trademark Use Request".

    6. Enforcement:
    Merchandise produced without written authorization may be considered "counterfeit" and subject to all available legal remedies, including seizure of the merchandise.

    Federally Registered Sonex Marks:


    Sonex Aircraft, LLC Privacy Policy:

    Our Commitment To Privacy: Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used.

    The Information We Collect: This notice applies to all information collected or submitted on the Sonex Aircraft web site, submitted online via email, via telephone, or via any other methods. On some pages, you can order products, make requests, and register to receive materials. The types of personal information collected at these pages are:

    Plans Number
    Email Address
    Phone Number
    Credit/Debit Card Information

    On some pages, you can submit information about other people. For example, if you order a gift online and want it sent directly to the recipient, you will need to submit the recipient's address. In this circumstance, the types of personal information collected are:

    Plans Number
    Phone Number

    The Way We Use Information: We use the information you provide about yourself when placing an order to complete that order, and in the case of new aircraft plans & kit sales and aircraft ownership transfers, to populate the searchable Sonex Builder Database found at and its associated Sonex Aircraft Completions Gallery, Sonex Builders’ Web Sites directory, and Builder Map. Sonex Aircraft builders may voluntarily opt to make telephone and/or email contact information publicly viewable, and may maintain other aspects of visible listing details via a login account, which may be requested at: Sonex Builder Database customer listings may be completely removed upon specific request to the Sales department via the Sonex Contact Form.

    We do not share order entry information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete that order. We use the information you provide about someone else when placing an order only to ship the product and to confirm delivery. We do not share this information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete that order. We offer gift certificates by which you can personalize a product you order for another person. Information you provide to us to create a gift certificate is only used for that purpose, and it is only disclosed to the person receiving the gift.

    We use return email addresses to answer the email we receive. Such addresses are not shared with outside parties. You can register to receive updates on our products and services via opt-in mailing lists and news feeds: Requests for Info Pack literature and DVD’s may result in follow-up email correspondence from sales staff or addition of your name and email address to relevant prospective customer email lists owned and operated solely by Sonex Aircraft, LLC. Unsubscribe requests will always be honored, and customers are welcome to follow unsubscribe links in list-generated email correspondence at any time.

    We use non-identifying and aggregate information to better design our website, advertising, and customer service efforts. For example, we may tell an advertiser, consultant, or affiliate partners that X number of individuals visited a certain area on our website, or that Y number of men and Z number of women filled out our registration form, but we would not disclose anything that could be used to identify those individuals. Finally, we never use or share the personally identifiable information provided to us online in ways unrelated to the ones described above without also providing you an opportunity to opt-out or otherwise prohibit such unrelated uses.

    Our Commitment To Data Security: To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

    Our Commitment To Children's Privacy: Protecting the privacy of the very young is especially important. For that reason, we never collect or maintain information at our website from those we actually know are under 13 without explicit consent from a parent or guardian.

    How You Can Access Or Correct Your Information: You can access all your personally identifiable information that we collect online and maintain by calling our main phone line and requesting that this information be verified. You can dictate the correct information to us and we will verify that this matches the recorded information in our accounting software. We use this procedure to better safeguard your information. You can correct factual errors in your personally identifiable information by sending us a request that credibly shows error. We prefer these corrections be submitted to the Orders/Customer Service department via the Sonex Contact Form. To protect your privacy and security, we will also take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or making corrections.

    How To Contact Us:

    Should you have other questions or concerns about these privacy policies or any of these Policies or Procedures are unclear, please contact Sonex Aircraft, LLC at:
    Tel: 920.231.8297
    Fax: 920.426.8333
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