Quick Build Kits

The Fastest-Possible Build!

Sonex Aircraft Quick Build Kits:

Sonex, LLC is proud to offer Quick Build options for all of our aircraft models!

Quick Build kit upgrades consist of Sonex Aircraft Complete Airframe Kits with major assemblies pre-constructed – the fuselage and wing of the aircraft are included assembled and riveted, and the aircraft canopy is installed. Wings are rigged and match-drilled to the fuselage or wing center section. Wing and Fuselage Sub-Kits may also be ordered as Quick Build Kits!

These Quick Build upgrade options drastically reduce build time and reduce the level of skill required to complete the aircraft. Quick Build Sonex Aircraft kits offer the fastest build possible within the bounds of Experimental/Amateur-Built homebuilding regulations (see FAA NKET Information below).

Combined with our market-leading Complete Airframe Kit pricing, Quick Build Sonex Aircraft kit total prices represent a savings of approximately $3,000 to $8,000 over our competition in the Quick Build marketplace, offering the Sonex Aircraft “Best Performance Per Dollar” to yet another segment of the homebuilt aircraft community!

Quick Build Kits (Sonex model shown) include assembled Wings, Fuselage and Canopy!

Sonex Quick Build Kit assemblies are constructed in Oshkosh, WI by Sonex, LLC staff.

Sonex Aircraft Quick Build Kits are built-to-order, therefore longer lead times and specific order & payment terms apply:

  • Lead Time: Due to a healthy-demand for our Quick Build Kits, and because Sonex Aircraft Quick Build Kits are built-to-order, lead times can be long. Check with Sonex sales staff for an updated lead time estimate at: sales@sonexaircraft.com. As-is the case with all kit orders, lead time for your Quick Build Kit order will be quoted as an Estimated Shipping Date specified in your Order Confirmation.
  • Order & Payment Terms: A 50% deposit is required to place your order. Deposits are non-refundable once Order Confirmation is approved by the customer, at which time construction of your Quick Build Kit will begin. All other order & payment terms are consistent with the order terms for Complete Airframe Kits.

What’s Included

Sonex Aircraft Quick Build Kits ship with the following items, saving a large portion of total build time:

  • All components of Sonex Aircraft Complete Airframe Kits (Pre-Assembled Main Wing Spar and Machined Angle Component Kit upgrades included in Quick Build Kit price.)
  • Assembled and Riveted Fuselage
  • Assembled and Riveted Wings
  • Wings Rigged and Match-Drilled to Fuselage/Wing Center Section
  • Installed Canopy

What’s Left for the Builder to Do:

In order to comply with Experimental/Amateur-Built homebuilding regulations, we still have to leave something for you to do! The following tasks are completed by the customer using supplied Complete Airframe Kit parts, along with non-included finishing items (see “What’s Not Included” below)

  • Engine Mount, Cowling & Firewall-Forward Installation
  • Installation of Fuel Tank and Fuel System Components
  • Windshield Installation
  • Landing Gear Installation
  • Controls Installation
  • Installation of Instruments
  • Seat and Upholstery Installation
  • Tail Surface Assembly
  • Construction of Control Surfaces
  • Installation of Fiberglass Wing & Tail Tips
  • Paint/Finishing

What’s Not Included:

Engine: There are several approved engine options for Sonex aircraft, including: AeroVee & AeroVee Turbo; Jabiru 3300; UL Power 260 and 350 series; and Rotax 912 series. To find out more, view the Engines page.

Propeller: Sonex, LLC works very closely with propeller manufacturers to engineer optimum props for Sonex airframe and engine combinations. To find out more, view the Propellers page.

Instruments: Builders have many options when it comes to selecting instruments. Sonex sells MGL Avionics instrument packages direct to Sonex aircraft builders. To find out more, view the Instruments page.

Upholstry: Builders can make their own upholstry, or choose from Sonex Aircraft’s selection of attractive upholstry packages. For more information about Sonex interiors, view the Upholstery page.

Tools: Sonex Aircraft were designed to be constructed with minimal tools, however a small investment in your workshop will be required to get the job done. For more information about tools, view the Required Tools page.

Quick Build Kit FAA NKET Audit

In compliance with the “major portion” requirement of 14 CFR section 21.191(g) for experimental/amateur-built aircraft, commonly referred to as the “51 Percent Rule,” the FAA National Kit Evaluation Team (NKET) has been auditing Sonex Aircraft Quick Build Kits since they were introduced in 2013.

Sonex Aircraft Quick Build 8000-38 checklists have been published on the FAA web site, and links to each checklist can be found on our Aircraft Certification page.

Members of the FAA National Kit Evaluation Team meet with Sonex to evaluate Sonex Quick Build Kits models.

More Information about Sonex Aircraft and the National Kit Evaluation Team can be found on our Aircraft Certification page, along with links to FAA NKET checklists for all types of Sonex Aircraft Kits.

Quick Build Kit Shipping:

Sonex Aircraft offers specialized transport services for Quick Build Kits to most regions of the lower 48 United States through carriers like Stewart Transport, an exceptionally reputable and experienced carrier specializing in the transport of quick build kits for multiple homebuilt aircraft companies, and kit car manufacturer Factory Five Racing.Sonex Aircraft also uses PODS containers for shipping Quick Build Kits in many instances, which offers better flexibility in delivery timeframes for the builder.

Both options offer safe, reliable and fully-insured transport services to Sonex Aircraft Quick Build customers including residential delivery at no additional charge. Unloading a kit at your home or hangar is a simple and easy two-person task! Packaging and loading for domestic Quick Build Kits requires a $350 packing and materials fee. Shipping Charges are additional.

International shipments will require a full ocean container. International Freight shipments will require a $550 container packing fee. Shipping Charges are additional. Estimated shipping costs are included with Quick Build Kit Order Confirmation.

Stewart Transport Shipment

PODS Container Shipment

The Bottom Line:

What Will my Project Cost? View the Pricing tab of each aircraft model’s home page for detailed pricing information, our download our completed aircraft cost estimating worksheet, and see why Sonex aircraft offer the Best Sport Aircraft Performance Per Dollar!

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