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Kitplanes SubSonex Build Multi-Part Series Wraps-Up: See the Video!

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The SubSonex Personal Jet has been featured in Kitplanes Magazine every month since the November 2019 issue, documenting the build of SubSonex serial number JSX0021 by Kitplanes Editor at Large Paul Dye. The "Turbine Temptation" series wraps-up with the May 2020 issue, and the final article is now available for Kitplanes subscribers to read online!… Read More

Kerry Fores Reminisces About a Sonex Flight with an Air Racing Legend for Air & Space

Sonex Aircraft Technical Communications Manager Kerry Fores loves to write and take photographs in his spare time. A regular columnist for Kitplanes Magazine, Kerry is published in the current edition of Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine. In the article, Kerry talks about his memorable Sonex flight with Oshkosh native and air racing legend Bill Brennand…. Read More

Kitplanes Magazine Kicks-Off SubSonex Build Multi-Part Series

The SubSonex Personal Jet is featured on the cover of the November 2019 issue of Kitplanes Magazine! The cover story, featuring SubSonex serial number JSX0021 built by Kitplanes Editor at Large Paul Dye, is the first installment of an 8-10 part series detailing the construction of his jet. Incredibly, this series of articles spread-out over… Read More

The “Build Everyone is Watching” Reaches 30 Hours

With an orange flight suit selfie that could be mistaken for something out of a U2 or SR-71 to the untrained eye, Kitplanes editor Paul Dye posted recently that he has surpassed 30 hours of flight time on his SubSonex s/n JSX0021. More significantly, he has completed all of the flight test cards provided in… Read More

Ever Wonder How a Y-Tail Works?

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Sonex Aircraft’s Waiex, Xenos and SubSonex aircraft models all share a very special feature: the Y-Tail! The Y-Tail is our unique version of the V-tail that many pilots are familiar with. What makes it a Y-Tail? The rudder! Y-Tails feature not-only a V-tail set of mixed rudder and elevator controls, but also a small rudder… Read More

Sonex Builders In the News: 15 Year-Old Builder Isaac Shultz Featured in Sport Aviation!

Read the Article Now! Congratulations to 15 year-old Sonex builder Isaac Shultz, who is featured in the April issue of EAA Sport Aviation, in the monthly “What Our Members are Building/Restoring” section of the magazine. Through the use of a GoFundMe campaign and many hours of hard work earning money mowing lawns and detailing cars… Read More

Sonex Builders In the News: Jake Heino’s Sonex Featured in Sport Aviation!

Read the Article Now! Builder Jake Heino built a beautiful Tri-Gear, AeroVee powered Sonex, serial number 1072 and has been enjoying the fruits of his labor since it’s first flight in August of 2014. His aircraft is featured in EAA Sport Aviation magazine’s What our Members are Building and Restoring section this month. Get Published… Read More

SubSonex News: John Corneal’s Award-Winning SubSonex Featured in EAA Sport Aviation!

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The February issue of EAA Sport Aviation magazine features the Bronze Lindy Award winning SubSonex built by John Corneal of Petersburg, PA. John spent a lot of extra time on a meticulous show-plane build of his serial number JSX0006 SubSonex Personal Jet and his work paid off at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2017 where he earned… Read More

Another Great SubSonex Video!

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Our friends at have posted another great SubSonex Peronsal Jet video, interviewing SubSonex airshow performer Bob Carlton about his experiences with the amazing little jet on the airshow circuit. The SubSonex jet has made the dream of flying a jet a reality for people who might not have otherwise been able to check that… Read More

New Video of SubSonex Customer

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SubSonex customer John Corneal deservedly received the royal treatment when he brought his gorgeous SubSonex to AirVenture 2017, as it was the first customer-built SubSonex ever to be brought to the show. One of the many media interviews John gave during AirVenture is now available on YouTube from the folks at! Learn More About… Read More

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