Xenos Development Archive 3: September, 2001 – June, 2003

June 19, 2003
The two prototype Xenos Motorglider, along with another Sonex Prototype came out of paint this week. We are now hard at work putting the finishing touches on all 3 aircraft.

May 1, 2003
Progress continues on both Xenos Prototypes. Below are the latest images.Canopies,windshields, and fuel tanks have been fitted, panel layouts complete, wing tips and tail tips just arrived and are being fitted this week.

January 23, 2003
Progress has been continuing on both Xenos Prototypes as the wings have been drilled to the fuselages and the fuselage structures riveted up.


December 24, 2002
The latest images of the rapid progress that is now being made on the Xenos Motorglider Prototypes.


December 10, 2002
Progress continues on the Xenos Motorglider as the second prototype makes its way down the assembly line.


June 2, 2002
Progress continues on the Xenos Motorglider. The wings and control surfaces are complete with the aft fuselage nearing completion. Below are 3 more images of our progress on the aft fuselage:

February 6, 2002
Progress continues on the Xenos Wings.

January 30, 2002
More images of the two sets of xenos wings being skinned.

January 22, 2002
Progress continues to be made on the Xenos Protoype Aircraft. Two sets of wings are being completed at the same time. Then our focus will turn to completing a single prototype aircraft for flight test and evaluation. Below are images of the significant progress that has been made in the last 3 months including the spoiler detail and completed ailerons.

September 7, 2001
Work continues on two Xenos Prototypes. Below are images of the 4 spars nearing completion.

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