SubSonex News: John Corneal’s Award-Winning SubSonex Featured in EAA Sport Aviation!

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The February issue of EAA Sport Aviation magazine features the Bronze Lindy Award winning SubSonex built by John Corneal of Petersburg, PA. John spent a lot of extra time on a meticulous show-plane build of his serial number JSX0006 SubSonex Personal Jet and his work paid off at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2017 where he earned the Bronze Lindy for his workmanship.

The SubSonex was John Corneal’s very first aircraft build, and with time, patience and the help of EAA SportAir Workshops and Hints for Homebuilders videos, he built a truly beautiful bird!

“I’ve always wanted to fly,” remarks John Corneal, “but I got into racing cars instead, and I didn’t start flying until I was in my forties… It’s a joy,” John continues, “It’s just a wonderful airplane.”

Check-out the video below and download the Sport Aviation article! (2mb PDF file)

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