SubSonex First Flight: Ryan Steffey

Congratulations to Ryan Steffey of Irwin, Pennsylvania whose SubSonex (S/N JSX0022) flew for the first time on March 15th!

“Ryan Steffey completed his JSX-2 in 555 hours of labor and a 2 month 2 week time frame,” writes friend and Reno race pilot Pete Zaccagnino. “His first aircraft build and first jet. Ryan drove his Jet in trailer from PA to Park City, UT for the testing. We spent 2 days inspecting and addressing minor issues before the first fuel testing and subsequent engine testing occurred. The engine started and operated perfectly. After several successful High Speed taxi tests, Accel-Stop distance measurements up to 90 mph and system testing the plane said, ‘Lets go fly.’ On 15 March, I had the privilege and honor to fly Ryan’s new jet for a short 30 minute flight. Flight characteristics, initial handling and performance were fantastic. Over the next several days we expanded the flight envelope to 220mph, 3.5 G’s, initial aerobatics and basic performance and glide studies. 64 stalls completed in a variety of configurations, 18 flights and 48 test cards completed, I felt comfortable and confident in the plane and Ryan for his first flight. On 21 March Ryan commanded his own jet for 30 minutes of flying and practice approaches to conclude a successful flight for himself. The plane was packed up and driven back to PA for additional flights by Ryan and further testing. A huge success for everyone involved!”

Gold Wings are on the way to Ryan!

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