Poznan Institute of Technology Celebrates History with the AeroVee

On January 6, 1919 Polish rebels defeated German forces during the Greater Poland Uprising, capturing the Poznan Lawica Airport and managing to seize most of the German equipment including over 300 aircraft. Among them were three Fokker D-VII fighters. To commemorate this anniversary, along with the 100th anniversary of their school, Poznan University of Technology has built and are flying three 80% scale Fokker D-VII replicas with AeroVee power!

The replicas are painted in Polish colors, as they were painted in the early 1920’s during the Polish-Soviet War. The Fokker D-VII replicas are kit aircraft from Airdrome Aeroplanes in Missouri with 80hp AeroVee 2.1 engines installed direct-drive. The direct-drive AeroVee is a great installation for these small, light WWI replicas and several other aircraft types including the Flitzer Biplane, and of course our own Sonex Aircraft!

Officially founded in 1919 as the Higher State School of Machinery, Poznan University of Technology includes an Aviation Training Centre which owns and operates 2 aircraft, 3 gliders and a simulator. Their squadron of AeroVee powered Fokker replicas will be included in static display and flight demonstrations commemorating these historical milestones for the University and the country of Poland throughout 2019!

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