Sonex is excited to announce new, easier to build Xenos Tail Kits! All new Xenos Tail Kits now feature finished matched-hole stabilizer structure channels and new machined parts. This upgrade brings the Xenos up-to-speed with all other Sonex aircraft tail kits and is the final installment in a series of Xenos matched-hole kit upgrades. Like all tail kits, the new Xenos Tail Kit is compatible with both legacy Xenos build projects as-well as the current Xenos B-Model.
NEW & IMPROVED: Xenos-B Tail Kit

Xenos-B Tail Kit: $2,175
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Upgrade your Existing Xenos Tail Kit for $521

Sonex has been continually upgrading Xenos Motorglider kits through the years to help make the largest of our kit aircraft models easier to build, and to speed production of Xenos Quick Build Kits as-well as the Teros UAS.

Matched-Hole Formed Parts replace the pre-formed long channel sections previously supplied in our kits with finished parts with all bends complete and pilot holes matching skins and other internal structure parts.

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Matched-Hole Formed Parts save a lot of work vs. older kits.

New Xenos Tail Kit Matched-Hole Parts (New Machined Parts Not Shown).