Want a B-Model? Introducing the Memorial Day Conversion Kit Sale!

We’re celebrating Memorial Day 2018 with our first-ever B-Model Conversion Kit Sale! Save 10% off Sonex, Waiex and Xenos B-Model Conversion Kits today thru Friday, June 1st!

B-Model kits have been very popular since their introduction in 2016, but the allure of picking-up a used Sonex project at a reduced price has been attractive to many as-well. Now builders can get the best of both worlds with our B-Model Conversion Kits. Convert your original or second-hand Legacy (A-Model) Sonex Aircraft to a B-Model!

What is the B-Model? It’s what you’ve been asking for! More of everything you want in a sport aircraft:

  • More Room and Comfort
  • More Panel Space
  • More Fuel
  • More Engine Choices
  • More Features, Less Build Time
  • Same Great Flight Characteristics!


B-Model Conversion Kit Sale!
  • Convert your existing Sonex, Waiex or Xenos to a B-Model for under $10,000 (base price)
  • Order Now thru June 1st and Save 10% on B-Model Conversion Kits! (regular retail prices shown: discounts will be deducted upon order confirmation & processing)

Sonex-B Conversion Kits

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Waiex-B Conversion Kits

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Xenos-B Conversion Kits

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Learn more about our incredible aircraft and their enhanced B-Model features:

Considering a used project? Make sure you’re getting a good deal!