B-Model Test Flight Video Now Available!

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Sonex Aircraft has just released the first flying video of our new B-Model series of aircraft! Ride along with Joe Norris of Sonex Aircraft during the B-Model flight test process in Red One, our Waiex-B prototype. Red One is AeroVee Turbo powered and the flight test process has revealed no surprises — it flies exactly like a Sonex and meets all published B-Model specs! Speed with the AeroVee Turbo and the cleaned-up B-Model cowling is impressive, with top speeds over 190mph TAS at 8,500 feet. Without trying too hard the airplane cruises at 150 mph TAS at about 3500-4000 ft. Climb rates have averaged 1100-1200 fpm as more of a “performance climb,” and about 800 fpm in “cruise climb.”

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