UltraFlight Radio Show: Jeffry Shultz – building a Sonex Aircraft

UltraFlight Radio Show
Interview with builder Jeffry Shultz about his experience building a Sonex Aircraft

Sonex builder and pilot Jeffrey Shultz (Sonex SN 604) was interviewed by Ultraflight Radio on August 19. Shultz answered questions about his experiences building an AeroVee powered Sonex in approximately 1 year’s time, while balancing family commitments with a wife and 2 young children and an Army career. The interview is now archived for download on the Ultraflight Radio web site! Be sure to also check-out Jeff’s article “Building a Sonex: A Lesson in Life,” which was printed in the June, 2007 issue of EAA Sport Pilot magazine, and is available for download in PDF form here: Read the Article! (820kb PDF file).