NASC Celebrates TEROS First Flight with New Video; Keeps Sonex Shop Busy!

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Early this year, Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation (NASC) and Sonex Aerospace, LLC achieved an important milestone with the first test flights of the TEROS Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) technology demonstrator at Griffis International Airport in Rome, NY. The event was the culmination of five years of development, and NASC has just released a fantastic new video to celebrate the occasion. This video is released as Sonex Aerospace continues to build and deliver production-ready TEROS “rolling airframes” to NASC for their government and commercial customers.

More TEROS units are on-order, along with other new unmanned development projects, keeping the Sonex production shop extremely busy during these unprecedented times. Sonex Aircraft Quick Build Kits have also been very populuar as homebuilding activity seems to be up across the industry, and Sonex is hiring! If you’re interested in a Quick Build Kit, be sure to check with us regarding lead times via our Contact Form.

Based-upon the popular Sonex Aircraft Xenos Motorglider manned aircraft, its rugged, aerobatic-capable structure enables TEROS to provide a flexible plug and play payload capability for multiple payloads up to 600 pounds at high altitudes for extended flight durations. The NASC TEROS was designed in collaboration with Sonex Aerospace, LLC and is a Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAS capable of operating within the Group 4 and Group 5 UAV classifications.

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