December 23, 2009: The SubSonex Runs!

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Successful Engine Runs!
The Hornets’ Nest R&D team is pleased to announce that, on Friday December 18, the SubSonex PBS TJ-100 engine was successfully started and run. A total of three runs were made throughout the day, including one with power settings between 80-100 percent. The video at right tells the story… be sure to turn your computer’s volume all-the-way up for the full experience!

The PBS TJ-100 jet engine was received on Tuesday, December 8th. Due to the superior packaging and documentation provided for the engine by the PBS factory, the SubSonex was well prepared (11/25/09 Update). The installation went very smoothly, allowing first runs just 8 working days after taking delivery of the engine.

Now that the engine has been successfully installed and run, the SubSonex prototype awaits FAA airworthiness inspection. The Hornets’ Nest team also anticipates weather-related delays before first-flight, due to the inhospitable Northeast Wisconsin climate this time of year.

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