Chicken Soup for the Homebuilder’s Soul

There’s no question that peer support in homebuilding is vital in many respects: camraderie, motivation and technical advice just to name a few. EAA is founded on the networking of homebuilders via its chapters and through programs like EAA Technical Counselors and Flight Advisors. It can be even more beneficial when builders of similar types can network, and in the modern age, type club newsletters have been replaced with online forums and social networking for instant gratification — sometimes good, sometimes not so much.

Sometimes builders of similar type aircraft find themselves geographically concentrated, and when that happens, the build process can be even more rewarding. That’s the case with Bill Batten (WXB0067) and James Yrineo (SNB0039). As Bill writes in an article for EAA’s web site, the two share a hangar where they work on their Sonex projects side-by-side and get together regularly with other area Sonex builders.

“So, we have a bit of a phenomenon occurring here in Columbus, Indiana — the Southern Indiana Sonex Builders,” writes Bill. “I don’t know which aspect of this is better — all building similar experimental aircraft, or the camaraderie that has developed. Either way, I will never forget the summer of 2023 and I’m grateful for the new friendships.”

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