Sonex First Flight: Robert Suter

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Congratulations to Robert Suter of Bluffton, Ohio, whose AeroVee powered, Std-Gear Sonex (S/N 111) flew for the first time on April 30. “I very much appreciate the stability and yet responsiveness of that airplane! Prior to getting about 30 landings in a Champ a week ago it had been over forty-five years since I flew a conventional gear airplane,” remarked Robert. “I much appreciate the gracious support that you and your staff have provided to me in getting N12RS into the air.”

Like Many builders, Robert found that life sometimes gets in the way of airplane building, despite the best of intentions. “I’m embarrassed over how long it has taken me to complete this; it was in no way due to any complexity or unusual issues with the airplane,” writes Robert. “The great thing is that I have always been able to quickly pick up where I left the project even if it was months since doing anything significant. That is testimony to the real ease of construction and clarity of the plans – and to the patience of your people when I needed advice or another part.” Gold Wings are on the way to Robert for achieving his dream!suter_111_thumb