Sonex First Flight: Jim Owens

Congratulations to Jim Owens of Rochester, Minnesota whose standard gear Sonex (S/N 1372) flew for the first time on October 17th! “Sonex N577CG first flight- 10/17/2018, Phase 1 testing completed 3/26/2019,” writes Jim. “The registration number is based on my first training airplane in 1988, a Cessna 150, N66577 and my daughter Cami and son Glason. The idea to build an airplane started after my first trip to AirVenture with my son and his first aircraft ride that we shared in a Bell 47. After the Bell 47 flight my son saying: “Dad, I want to go flying with you” has turned into an expensive but very rewarding suggestion. I attended AirVenture for many years with my dad as young person. Unfortunately my dad passed away 3/27/2011 and was not able to see it fly. He and I are both huge fans of the Sig RC model airplane Thunderbird color scheme based on the Thunderbirds years with the T-38. Eventually the cowl and wheel pants will be painted to complete the scheme.” Gold Wings are on the way to Jim!

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