Recreational Flyer Magazine

Recreational Flyer Magazine

AeroCarb customer Owen MacPherson wrote an article featured in the January-February 2007 issue of Recreational Flyer, the official magazine of the Recreational Aircraft Association Canada. The article features the AeroCarb, clarifying many of the common concerns about slide-type carburators, highlighting the unit’s simple and reliable operation, and MacPherson’s great satisfaction with the AeroCarb, which has over 300 hours flown over 5 years on his VW conversion. The article also features two sidebars. One is an interview with Sonex Aircraft, LLC founder and President John Monnett discussing the AeroCarb and the future of the AeroConversions product line. The other sidebar features customer Gerry Younger, and his positive experience flying the AeroCarb on his 0-200 powered aerobatic clip wing Cub, which is equipped with inverted fuel and oil systems.