Interesting Industry Perspective from Kerry Fores

As a regular contributor to Kitplanes Magazine, Sonex Technical Communications Manager Kerry Fores has the job of imparting knowledge and advice to Kitplanes readers from both the perspective of a kit aircraft manufacturer, and from that of a kit aircraft customer having “been there and done that” in both respects.

In the December issue of Kitplanes, Kerry gives an interesting perspective on “The Puddle We Play In.” Most people don’t stop to realize just how small our industry is, even within the already-small aviation industry. As homebuilders, we’re a subset of a subset, of another subset. That fact should help customers understand a little bit better the challenges involved for a company like Sonex to provide kit aircraft, but it should also give customers just that much more joy and satisfaction about fulfilling your dreams to build and fly your own aircraft! Check-out Kerry’s column at