Sonex Aircraft Price Increases Coming: Order NOW to Take Advantage of Current Prices!

The kit aircraft industry has enjoyed strong sales during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, rampant inflation and a tough labor market are necessitating major price increases for the Sonex Aircraft and AeroConversions line of products. This is the first price increase for Sonex Aircraft in over three years.

Order NOW to take advantage of current pricing. Price increases will take effect on January 21st 2022.

New Pricing as-of January 21st 2022:
Sonex-B Complete Airframe Kit: $27,495
Waiex-B Complete Airframe Kit: $27,995
Xenos-B Complete Airframe Kit: $31,995
Onex Complete Airframe Kit: $17,995

AeroVee 2.1 Engine Kit: $8,900
AeroVee Turbo Engine Kit: $12,500

Sonex/Waiex-B Quick Build Kit Upgrade: $14,000
Onex Quick Build Kit Upgrade: $14,000
Xenos-B Quick Build Kit Upgrade: $21,000

SubSonex Quick Build Kit: $45,500
SubSonex Exhibition Category Upgrade: $7,500

PBS has instituted an immediate price increase. New price: $74,000
Unfortunately, we cannot sell any more PBS engines at the previous price. A discount will still be offered to those purchasing an engine at the same time as a SubSonex Quick Build Kit.

Please Contact Sonex with questions via the Contact Form on our web site.