Without You, Oshkosh is Not AirVenture

As the Sonex staff, along with much of the rest of Oshkosh and volunteers from far and wide prepare for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh to begin next week, it’s hard to not find ourselves reflecting upon just how strange the last year has been. Strange for so many reasons, but for us here in Oshkosh and to be sure for many of you, that strangeness was punctuated by the cancellation of “Oshkosh” 2020. “Oshkosh” the event, is not called “Oshkosh” by the natives, because that’s where we live and work every day. Here we call it “The Fly-In,” or “Convention,” or begrudgingly by some “AirVenture” (many an EAA member have never warmed-up to the name coined by marketing folks at EAA in the years just prior to Y2K). Many locals in our part of Wisconsin simply call it “EAA,” which is funny to us of course because those folks have no clue that EAA is an organization that works year ’round and around the world, not just a one week event.

Last year in late July, during AirVenture’s “gap year,” Sonex Aircraft manager of technical communications and Kitplanes Magazine columnist Kerry Fores wandered the ghostly and overgrown AirVenture grounds to photograph, take some video and contemplate what missing a year of the event means. The feature article in Kitplanes that resulted was just another sign of the strange times, but the feature is especially poignant now, was we prepare to welcome you all back, after having been gone for way too long.

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