September 21, 2011: Onex Propeller Orders Now Being Accepted!

Sonex has received a number of inquiries about propeller selection for the Onex Single-Place, Folding-Wing, Sport Pilot Aircraft. We continue to flight test a number of propellers and are in the process of selecting the optimized propeller for both the Onex Tail Wheel and Tricycle Gear configurations. We expect to have a final propeller recommendation by the end of October.

Long lead times have traditionally existed for Sonex Sensenich Propellers and we recognize that a 14-18 week lead time is in the range of time that some of you expect to finish your Onex Aircraft projects. Many Onex builders have expressed a desire to order the prop as soon as possible so it does not hold up their projects. In response, we have worked with Sensenich to begin taking Onex prop orders immediately. We have added two Onex propeller items to our web site and web store:

SKU: Sensenich-Wood-Onex

SKU: Sensenich-Composite-Onex

This will generate an order which will be transmitted to Sensenich and a production slot will be held. Once we give the go-ahead on final prop specs to Sensenich, your order will already be in the queue.

If you have any questions about placement of a Onex prop order, please Contact Sonex Aircraft.



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