Images and Videos from Onex Prototype’s AirVenture Debut Now Available Online!

The Onex single-place, folding-wing aircraft prototype had a very successful debut at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2010.

The airplane everyone’s been waiting for: A crowd watches as the Hornets’ Nest hangar door opens to reveal the Onex prototype.

Sonex CEO, General Manager, and Onex Lead Designer Jeremy Monnett introduces the single-place, folding-wing Onex prototype to the Sonex Homecoming and Open House Fly-In crowd.

Attendees don’t waste any time taking the opportunity to try-on the Onex’s extra large single-place cockpit.

A crowd gathers around the Onex single-place aircraft prototype at the Sonex AirVenture booth.

A crew from Aero-TV interviews Jeremy Monnett about the Onex.

Jeremy points-out the features of the Onex wing fold system.


AvWeb/Kitplanes Video Coverage of Onex Rollout:


EAA video interview with Jeremy Monnett


Aero-TV video coverage of Onex featuring Jeremy Monnett interview

Aero-News article covering AirVenture Onex Debut: Read the Article!


Loop TV: Day 4 coverage of AirVenture 2010. Onex segment begins at 2:24 in the video.

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