Onex Progress Update: June 18, 2010

The Hornet’s Nest R&D Area at Sonex continues to buzz with activity. There has been steady progress made on the first two Onex Prototypes along with great progress on the E-Flight Electric Project.

The Onex design is complete with parts still coming in from suppliers and being fabricated in the R&D Center. We’re working as quickly as we can given how much is on our plate, and promise more progress updates soon!

Here are some images of the progress we’ve made the past few months:

Sonex employee Wayne Daniels works on Onex wing rib production.

Onex wing ribs completed. Note main wing spar center sections in foreground.

Sonex intern Mark Gendron works on Onex wing center section rear spar.

Onex wing center section rear spar being built.

Onex forward fuselage sides almost completed.

Completed Onex forward fuselage box with wing spar center section test fit.

Mark and John Monnett work on production of Onex fuselage formers.

John releases a Onex fuselage former from its hydroform press tooling.

Some completed Onex fuselage formers.

Completed Onex fuselage fomer #4’s.

JT Meidl rivets the Onex main wing spar center section.

Onex main wing spar center section riveting.

Onex aileron bellcrank and hinge assembly.

Onex cowling pattern is constructed in preparation of forming a plug for fiberglass molding.

Onex outboard wing panel assembly begins.

John begins work on tailcone structural members.

John lays-out tailcone structural members on full-size plotter templates.

Onex tailcone is mated to the forward fuselage.

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