Onex First Flight: Ben Grubb

Congratulations to Ben Grubb of Veneta, Oregon whose standard gear, AeroVee Turbo powered Onex (S/N ONX0143) flew for the first time on June 3rd! “Went awesome,” writes Ben. “Got some great test pilot training from Robbin in Independence and the Sonex podcast ‘First Flight’ was really helpful too. Just added power and went straight down the runway till it wanted to fly. Got a great 30-40 minute flight in to figure out slow flight characteristics then brought it back in for a great landing. Have to dial in the trim and see if I can suck more power out of the turbo now. Super exciting — haven’t had that much adrenaline in forever! Special thanks to my Tech Counselor Ernie Moreno. He checked my plane 4 different times the last couple years free of charge driving 1.5 hours to my place! I had little aircraft knowledge
so his details and insight were amazing.” Gold Wings are on the way to Ben!

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