Move-Over B&W Screens: MGL Blaze Color Singles Instrument Package is Here!

Ever wonder how our Sonex Aircraft Total Cost Worksheet can show a $2,000 minimum instrument budget? These instruments are the key! The black and white MGL Velocity Singles package, mainstay of Sonex affordability for years, has now been replaced by the enhanced MGL Blaze Color Singles Package! Get all of your basic VFR flight information, engine monitoring, fuel level and more starting at only $1,190.75 with a full-color, sunlight readable pair of light weight, easy to install displays.

Get all the best that modern digital instrumentation has to offer, without all the confusing complexity and learning curve associated with other “Glass Panel” instruments. Learn More!

Blaze Color Singles

Packages Starting At: $1,190.75
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MGL Blaze Color Singles ASV-2 flight information display

MGL Blaze Color Singles EMS-2 Engine Monitor display

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