Kitplanes Sonex & Waiex Buyers Guide Available Online

Waiex B-Model factory prototype “Red One” graces the cover of Kitplanes Magazine again in June, this time to illustrate a buyers guide for used Sonex and Waiex aircraft. The 7-page feature article is now available for readers online and provides a great overview of both Legacy (A-Model) and B-Model Sonex and Waiex designs. The article also contains some great customer testimonials, our favorite being “Don’t ask me about mine though. It is not for sale and you can’t have it,” which begs the question: why not build your own?

While there can be good aircraft to be had on the used market, there can be many serious pitfalls when buying any amateur built aircraft that was built by an amateur other than yourself. Be sure to read our advisory about Buying New vs. Used and avail yourself of all possible resources to evaluate your potential purchase.

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