Kitplanes Magazine: “Onex: 85% Scale Equals 100% Fun”

Kitplanes Magazine
“Onex: 85% Scale Equals 100% Fun” by LeRoy Cook

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The Onex single-place, folding-wing aircraftdesign is prominently featured in the June, 2013 issue of KitplanesMagazine, and the article is now available for download! The 8-page article, “Onex: 85% scale equals 100% fun,” (3mb PDF file) is a flight review covering both Tri-Gear and Standard Gear Onex prototypes, written by LeRoy Cook from a refreshing “grass roots” homebuilder perspective. The Tri-Gear Onex prototype, piloted by Sonex CEO Jeremy Monnett, is featured on the magazine’s cover. In addition to the download link above, the article can also be accessed from the Kitplanes web site.

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