A Retirement Well-Earned: Kerry Fores

With some fancy cupcakes, a staff lunch, some gifts, warm words, and the last in a series of staff briefings about technical support, we wished 20+ year Sonex veteran Kerry Fores a bon voyage today in celebration of his retirement. Kerry is more like a 25+ year Sonex veteran, having been shown the preliminary drawings by Sonex founder John Monnett before the first prototype was even built. For Kerry, that sneak peak set the course for the next 25 years of his flying life, and eventually his professional life when he began working for Sonex in 2003. Kerry received the first Sonex serial number not reserved for Sonex factory use, serial number 0009, from which he built Bronze Lindy Award winning “Metal Illness” with Jabiru 3300 power.A prolific writer, photographer, and oft-philosopher, Kerry has been shepherding Sonex customers through the build process in his technical support role at Sonex, and giving advice to the readers of Kitplanes Magazine through his monthly column, “Building Time.”

This AirVenture, you may catch him stopping by the Sonex booth to say “hi,” but more likely you’ll see him wandering the grounds as an Oshkosh spectator for the first time in 20 years instead of a booth grunt like the rest of us here at Sonex. He’ll be showing the wonders of the event to his grandchildren and sleuthing-out stories for future issues of Kitplanes Magazine. If you see him, be sure to wish him a hearty congratulations on his retirement and a big “Thank You” for all the advice he’s given to you and other Sonex builders throughout the years.

In true Kerry Fores form, he wrote some reflections about his retirement for his column in the current issue of Kitplanes — Check it Out!

What about Sonex technical support, you might be asking? Never fear, we will not leave you high and dry! Kerry has been working with us to impart his wisdom and a giant download of his brain in endless email archives, excel spreadsheets and more. We will be spreading the workload of technical support among several highly experienced members of our staff to answer all of your support inquires in a timely, high quality manner.

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