Every Parent Should Buy Their Kid a Sonex Kit!

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One of our greatest delights at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022 was getting to meet 10 year-old Katherine Perkins. Katherine came to our exhibit booth in the Homebuilt Display Area with her sister and parents and immediately fell in-love with Waiex B-Model prototype Red One. After watching the One Week Wonder’s construction in-process at show center and pulling a rivet in the aircraft, then coming back the next day to pull another rivet in the One Week Wonder (is that allowed?), Katherine’s mind was made: She wanted to build one!

Coming from an aviation background themselves, Katherine’s parents decided to let her do it, and to make a YouTube channel about the build. Please like, subscribe and share Katherine’s channel, “Little Dreamers’ Adventures,” and help us to cheer her on in building her Sonex!