John Monnett Announces Retirement from Day to Day Operations; Business Continues Strong!

After almost 50 years of involvement in the kit aircraft industry, Sonex Founder and President John Monnett has announced his retirement from Sonex Aircraft, LLC effective June 2, 2018.

“I am retiring from Sonex Aircraft but not forsaking my passion for aviation,” remarks John. “I will continue to contribute where I can into the future but will be leaving day to day operations in the very capable hands of my staff.”

John Monnett continues to own the experimental aircraft and engine company, but opportunities for alternative ownership of Sonex Aircraft, LLC lie in it’s future. Monnett invites offers from qualified individuals and/or companies who are interested in continuing the successful heritage of Sonex Aircraft into the next generation, or in assisting Sonex Aircraft with transition to an employee-ownership succession plan.

Current and prospective customers can rest-assured, however, that Sonex Aircraft is still going strong! In the midst of its most successful period in recent years, Sonex Aircraft has a full order book of kits including several new customer-owned SubSonex Personal Jet Quick Build Kits along with many additional delivery commitments for traditional kits & sub-kits, and many traditional and Quick Build kits already delivered this year-to-date. In addition, Sonex Aerospace, LLC has been contracted by Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation (NASC) to construct two additional Teros UAV’s in 2018. The Teros Group 4 UAS is derived from the Xenos Motorglider, and offers Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAS capabilities to government and civilian customers.John’s roots in experimental aircraft date-back to 1968 when, as a young school teacher, John began building a highly-modified Midget Mustang project, and was first introduced to legendary aircraft designer & builder Steve Wittman, laying the groundwork for Formula Vee racer Sonerai I, John’s first design. The Sonerai eventually launched John into business, and the EAA Homebuilt Hall of Fame inductee has many designs and awards to his credit. Read More in Today’s Official Press Release.

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