Ever Wonder How a Y-Tail Works?

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Sonex Aircraft’s Waiex, Xenos and SubSonex aircraft models all share a very special feature: the Y-Tail! The Y-Tail is our unique version of the V-tail that many pilots are familiar with. What makes it a Y-Tail? The rudder! Y-Tails feature not-only a V-tail set of mixed rudder and elevator controls, but also a small rudder at the base of the tail, changing the shape of the V-tail to resemble the letter “Y.” Y-Tails not-only make Waiex, Xenos and SubSonex aircraft look cool, but they also offer superior handling vs. conventional V-tails, offer a simple way to drive tailwheel steering, and gives the exhaust of the SubSonex turbojet engine a place to go. The Y-Tail’s rudder gives the configuration enhanced rudder authority and stability vs. a conventional V-tail — you need a rear-view mirror to tell whether you’re flying a Sonex or a Waiex!

So what makes a Y-Tail work? Kitplanes editor, Xenos and SubSonex builder Paul Dye recently posted an explanation and videos of the Y-Tail in-action to his Kitplanes blog — Check it Out!

Why a Y-Tail? Why Not?

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