Sonex Homebuilders Week Webinar Video Available

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This week’s Sonex and EAA Homebuilders Week webinar is now available as a video archive.

Get an overview of all Sonex and AeroConversions products! Sonex offers basic, economical, easy-to-build aircraft. Single and two-place aircraft are available. Two models, the Sonex and Sonerai, are available as plansbuilt aircraft. Sonex even offers single-place and two-place jet aircraft. All designs are fully aerobatic when flown as single-place aircraft. The AeroConversions product line includes the AeroVee and AeroVee Turbo engines, AeroInjector, brake systems, trim systems and more. Sonex owner and president Mark Schaible will discuss all of their designs and the mission of each product.

This is the second of three new webinars being presented by Sonex: Learn More and Sign-Up Today!

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