Fourth Annual Homecoming a Success

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The Fourth Annual Sonex Aircraft, LLC Homecoming Fly-In was a great success as we hosted approximately 100 visitors throughout the day and seven customer-built Sonex aircraft were on display along with six factory prototypes. Special thanks to Gus Schlegel, Roger Nienberg, Ken Irwin anhomecoming_060907_017_thumbd Barry Weinzirl for flying-in with their Sonex aircraft! Thanks also to Wayne Daniels, Drew Waterworth and Kerry Fores for displaying their Wittman Airport-based Sonex aircraft! The Oshkosh chapter of Women in Aviation sold a lunch of Wisconsin brats at the event, providing a profitable fund raiser for their organization.


Kerry Fores makes a low pass with smoke on!
Fly-In attendees were treated to dueling soaring demonstrations by the factory Xenos Motorglider prototype (top) and a local hawk (above). Observers called the competition a draw, concluding that the two competitors demonstrated roughly equivalent L/D capabilities.





Ken Irwin flew-in his beautiful AeroVee powered Sonex with freehand-airbrushed eagle nose art (top and above). Ken talks to Fly-In attendees about his Sonex project.



Attendees admire Wayne Daniels’ newly-painted “Purple Haze” (foreground), Roger Nienberg’s shark-nosed Sonex and the Sonex factory’s Xenos prototype
Attendees swarm Gus Schlegel’s Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex once the cowl is removed (above and below). A better view of Gus’ outstanding Sonex (right).




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