Onex First Flight: Micah Martin

Congratulations to Micah Martin of Scottsdale, Arizona, whose AeroVee Powered, Standard-Gear Onex (S/N ONX0200) flew for the first time on January 24th! “The OneX performed like a champ,” writes Micah. “It was surprisingly nimble, highly responsive, and very light to the touch. While in the air, I marveled at how all those bits and pieces I assembled over the past year worked in harmony to fly me in the sky and heed my command. The Scottsdale weather that day could have cared less though. During the 15 minutes my OneX and I were orbiting the airport, the winds had changed from calm to 18 knots gusting almost fully crosswind. Crazy! Two times I had to go-around. The untamed AeroVee roared back to life on each occasion, taking me back to the sky. We bonded then, me and that little engine. On the third approach I had my OneX wrestling the wind and winning all the way to the ground. We rolled back to a welcoming party of curious pilots who had only just learned of the maiden flight while we were in the air. What a day!” Gold Wings are on the way to Micah!

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