Waiex First Flight: Donald Wolcott

Congratulations to Donald Wolcott of Brimfield, Illinois whose AeroVee powered Waiex (S/N W0132) flew for the first time on June 24th!

"It flew just as expected with no problems," writes Don. "What a rush and experience to be able to build your own plane then give it its first flight. Thanks, Sonex for a great design. While building and yet today I read the Sonex Builders net every day to glean new ideas in helping build and improve my plane. I want to thank Bill Larson (Sonex builder) for his Tech Inspections and support along the way. Also, Morrie Caudill (Onex Builder) led the way to my decision to build at age 70 when he at age 80 started building his ONEX. Thanks Morrie for your encouragement and technical insights. In preparation for flight I watched numerous YouTube videos of other Sonex-Waiex owners to glean knowledge as to how to fly the plane. My previous flight experience has been in a Champ and Ercoup. It is great help to have a Sonex Community willing to share their experience for others to take advantage of. My ground crew was Bill Larson and Kent Lynch."

Gold Wings are on the way to Don!

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