Sonex First Flight: Tom Wasser

Congratulations to Tom Wasser of Lyons, New York whose standard gear, AeroVee powered Sonex (S/N 1636) flew for the first time on April 28th! “Craig Ritson (Sonex offered and I agreed to have him flight test my Sonex at Williamson-Sodus KSDC,” writes Tom. “He said the plane functioned perfectly with minimal control inputs. 133[mph] TAS 3000′ 3100 rpm’s without [wheel]pants, AeroVee 80 HP. All engine parameters were normal, pressure, temp, rpms, chts, egts, monitored with car gauges and Dynon’s SV EMS. Engine check after flight showed not a drop of oil. Great plane. I’m looking forward to continuing the flight testing phase.” Gold Wings are on the way to the Tom!

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