Sonex First Flight: Lou Toth

Congratulations to Lou Toth of Pensacola, Florida whose tri-gear, AeroVee powered Sonex (S/N 1520) flew for the first time on August 28th! “The Sonex design is smooth, swift, and precise in handling,” writes Lou, “I was seeing 110-115kt speeds on the short straight flight legs around a 2500ft grass strip. I want to thank John and Jeremy Monnett (I met them both during a factory builder workshop, and later at Sun & Fun) Jeremy’s enthusiasm was contagious, Kerry Fores & Steven Severson who saved my wings, and provided great technical assistance, Heather Zahner who took special orders for seats, hats and build parts through the years, and Mark Schaible who not only kept the Sonex dream alive for us “slow builders” but transitioned the company during a time of many new products and designs. Also I could not forget Joe Norris, I must have watched his AeroVee assembly video dozens of times, and read my assembly manual even more.” Gold Wings are on the way to Lou!

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