Sonex First Flight: Peter Weber

Congratulations to Peter Weber of Winfield, British Columbia, Canada whose tri-gear, AeroVee Turbo powered Sonex (S/N 1668) flew for the first time on October 15th! “First flight of Sonex C-IGMW was at CYLW, on 15 Oct 2020 with test pilot Bill Bryan at the controls,” writes Peter, “Very successful flight, very responsive and lots of power from the AeroVee Turbo. Thanks to Bill and the team at Sonex for the all help.” Gold Wings are on the way!

Bill Bryan of Toronto Aerosport is the Canadian Dealer for Sonex Aircraft, and customers in Canada can work with Bill to register their aircraft as Advanced Ultra Light Aircraft (AULA) if desired. Canadian builders also have the option of registering their aircraft as Amateur Built under CAR Standard 549. You can find Toronto Aerosport on our Contact page under “International Dealers.”

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