Sonex First Flight: Paul LaRue

Congratulations to Paul LaRue of Dearborn, Michigan, whose Jabiru 3300 Powered, Standard-Gear Sonex (S/N 1509) flew for the first time on December 21st! “It was quite a day,” writes Paul. “I met the FAA airworthiness inspector at 10am, and had the certificate before 11am. The Sonex flew great. The landing was the part that I was most concerned with skill wise… It turns out that the landing was incredibly easy. At about 3 feet off the runway, it felt like a cushion of air was gently lowering me down. Thanks to everyone that has contributed to []; it’s been a valuable resource. I also want to thank Kerry at Sonex [technical support] for the patient and accurate advice. Having dealt with other less than helpful companies, it’s always refreshing to deal with Sonex.” Gold Wings are on the way to Paul!

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