Sonex First Flight: Matt McKee

Congratulations to Matthew McKee of Franklinton, North Carolina whose standard gear, AeroVee powered Sonex (S/N 1084) flew for the first time on November 19th! Matt’s aircraft build is a great story of perseverance: “My official first flight date was 11-19-20, thirteen years after I started building,” writes Matt, “Why did it take so long? After the first year building, I had completed the wings, tail and fuselage. I figured I would be flying the airplane soon. I hadn’t flown in 17 years so I began flying to get current. Then I had to have an instrument rating, followed by a single/multi commercial, a CFI and then began flying CRJs for a regional airline. I spent too much time flying and not enough time building. Thanks to all the wonderful people with Sonex. Thanks to Charlie Steffey [S/N W0110] who taught me to fly his wonderful Waiex, and thanks to my beautiful wife Jamie who encouraged me from day one.” Gold Wings are on the way to Matt!

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