Waiex First Flight: Randy Lyons

Congratulations to Randy Lyons of Crystal River, Florida whose standard gear, AeroVee powered Waiex (S/N W0212) flew for the first time on October 12th! “Waiex Ser. No. 212 chewed through it’s leash on October 12, 2020,” writes Randy, “Much to the delight of the builder/owner/pilot, the wings stayed on and the engine continued to make noise (a lot of noise) till the end of the ride… I’d like to thank both Bryan Cotton and Ryan Roth for their contribution in pictures and description on the Sonex Builder’s website and personal build log. It was a great help having those resources available through the ‘tough’ times… I’m anxious to get started on my next project. I’m thinking a pot-holder made of popsicle sticks.” Gold Wings are on the way to Randy!

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