Sonex First Flight: Homer Dangler

Congratulations to Homer Dangler of Adrian, Michigan, whose Standard-Gear, Jabiru 3300 Powered Sonex (S/N 0306) flew for the first time on August 15th! “I always test flew my airplanes but now at my age I want to respect the desires of my wife of 68 years and children and not fly it alone,” writes Homer. “so I have a friend test flying it for me and it runs cool and flies hands off at 145 MPH and has 7.4 hrs on it at this time. It has been flown up to 185 MPH and flies very nice. My profession is a custom builder of high art antique style flint lock rifles and I feel my work on the Sonex is equal.” We agree, Homer, and Gold Wings are on the way to you!

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