February Workshop Special Opportunity: Sonex/Lockheed Skunkworks Engineer Pete Buck to Speak at Saturday Evening Banquet!

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Workshop attendees and local Sonex customers have a special opportunity during the February Sonex Builders’ Workshop, Feb 3-4, 2007: Sonex Engineer Pete Buck will be the Guest Speaker at the EAA Chapter 252 Annual Banquet, held the evening of February 3 in theEAA AirVenture Museum Eagle Hangar! In addition to working on the engineering of the Sonex, Waiex and Xenos, Pete is a lead engineer at the legendary Lockheed Martin Skunkworks. Pete will share details of declassified projects from the Advanced Development Programs (ADP, Skunk Works®), which is responsible for the integrated “front-end” development of new and innovative technologies, new product, and derivative programs in support of Air Power as well as the integration of air and space assets. In addition, Pete will be present during the entire Sonex Workshop, helping Sonex staff answer your questions.

If you have not already reserved your space for the February Sonex Builders’ Workshop, or are signed-up for the Workshop, but have not yet reserved space for the Banquet, contact us immediately, as time is running short! orders@sonexaircraft.com