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Coming Soon: Sonex Virtual Workshop Seminar!

Sonex Aircraft is taking our popular Workshop Seminars on-line! With so much great content captured via the EAA Hints for Homebuilders video series, we've organized Sonex-specific hints on our Video Tips page, and will be filming new videos and webinars to give you the skills needed to build a Sonex Aircraft!

  • Improved Accesibility:
    Now, the lessons of the Sonex Builders Workshop can be accessed by anyone around the world. No airline tickets, rental cars, or expensive hotel stays are needed!
  • Learning Style, Comprehension and Retention:
    More and more, people are turning to online tutorials and YouTube to learn new skills. In the Sonex Workshop setting, attendees cannot possibly retain all of the material we present, and like playing the "telephone game," they sometimes don’t recall it correctly if not taking good notes. With an online workshop or a DVD, attendees can watch segments multiple times, just like they do with the AeroVee Assembly DVD, and easily refer back to the videos during their aircraft project.
  • A New DVD:
    Sonex is working closely with EAA to compile all Sonex-specific Hints for Homebuilders along with some new content into an EAA Hints for Homebuilders "Sonex Edition" DVD. Look for this DVD to become available Soon!
  • EAA SportAir Workshops:
    Still need that one-on-one instruction experience? Stay tuned, as Sonex and EAA will be partnering together to produce a Sonex-focused EAA SportAir Workshop program for presentation at popular SportAir Workshop sites across the country.

Get Hands-On with Sonex Starter Packs!


For years, the original Sonex Workhsop metalworking project has been offered to schools in the Sonex Education Starter Pack project. Coming-soon will be a re-tooled version of this project, updated to include more materials and reflect the current features of Sonex Aircraft kits!

See us in Oshkosh: Visit Anytime!
  • Factory Tours and Sonex Events:
    Contact us for a personal tour of the Sonex Aircraft factory. Get more information about the factory's location and Oshkosh lodging and attractions on our factory map page. Be sure to visit us for all of the great Sonex Aircraft events at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, Sun 'n Fun, and more. See the Company Events page.
  • Experience a T-Flight Basic Aircraft Familiarization Flight!
    Sign-up for a Basic Aircraft Familiarization package via our T-Flight Transition Training program at Sonex factory headquarters. If you like the aircraft enough to buy a kit, your familiarization flight fee will be credited toward your kit purchase. Sign-Up Today!


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