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Receive Incentives for Attending a Sonex Aircraft Workshop!

Sonex Aircraft Workshop Attendees and their Guests are eligible for the following Workshop Attendance Incentives:

  • $200 Workshop Fee*: Customers who pay for and attend the workshop can use their $200 workshop fee toward any plans or kit purchase. There is no expiration on this credit. Only available to paid attendees (not guests).
  • $400 Workshop Discount*: Customers who attend a workshop are eligible for a $400 Complete Airframe Kit Discount. This offer expires 30 days after the workshop. This discount is only available to those that purchase a Sonex Aircraft (Onex, Sonex, Waiex or Xenos) Complete Airframe Kit or Kit-Minus-Tail Package. Customers who purchase kits before attendance of the workshop are not penalized: they may attend the Workshop for free and a $400 credit will appear in their Sonex Aircraft, LLC account upon completion of the Workshop.
  • $1000 “Kit with Options” Workshop Discount*: Customers who attend a workshop are also eligible for a $1000 “Kit with Options” Discount. This offer expires 30 days after the workshop. This discount is only available for those that purchase both Pre-Assembled Main Wing Spars and Machined Angle Component Kit with their Sonex Aircraft (Onex, Sonex, Waiex or Xenos) Complete Airframe Kit or Kit-Minus-Tail Package. This discount CANNOT be combined with the $400 Workshop Discount above. Customers who purchase kits before attendance of the workshop are not penalized: they may attend the Workshop for free and a $1000 credit will appear in their Sonex Aircraft, LLC account upon completion of the Workshop ($1000 "Kit with Options" discount only available for attendance of May, 2008 Workshop or later).
  • Free Tail Kit Crating*: Workshop Attendees will receive Free Crating for Tail Kit orders ($75 Value). Offer only available for Tail Kit orders placed during, or within 30 days after a Sonex Workshop.
  • $750 Plans Credit (not associated with Workshop): All Customers who purchase Sonex plans first and later purchase a Complete Airframe Kit are not penalized. They receive a $750 credit when they purchase their Complete Airframe Kit.

Guests of Workshop Attendees are eligible for all discount opportunities above except the $200 Workshop Fee credit, as guests do not pay an attendance fee.

*All Workshop Discounts Above are available to first-time workshop attendees only. They are non-transferrable, and may not be combined with other discounts.

About Sonex Workshops

The Sonex workshop, held at our factory in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, gives you the opportunity to meet the Sonex staff, learn about the history of Sonex Aircraft designs and their design philosophy, learn all of the ins and outs of Sonex Aircraft construction, and gain confidence in your own abilities as you build a piece of the Sonex wing to take home with you.

Workshop Schedule
Spring '15 March 7-8, 2015
Summer '15 May 30-31, 2015
Fall '15 October 3-4, 2015

In addition to Sonex staff presentations, guest speakers often highlight the workshop as well. Representatives from EAA have appeared at our workshops with presentations of their tremendous knowledge of the present and future of experimental aircraft, including Sport Pilot. Other guest speakers may include representatives from the EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan, and active Sonex pilots and builders.

This is a very "hands on" workshop as we prefer building to talking, so come prepared and be ready to have some fun!

What is the cost?

The Sonex workshop costs $200.  It is free to plan holders who purchased their plans or kit from Sonex.  If you decide to purchase plans from Sonex, at or after the workshop, you may subtract $200 from the plan cost. This includes the plans portion of your Complete Airframe Kit or Sub-Kit purchases. There are also several additional discount opportunities for workshop attendees, detailed at the top of this page.

You are entitled to bring one guest or family member. Many builders have brought their building partners or other friends interested in their project. Workshop guests are eligible for the discounts detailed at the top of this page.

Space in all of these workshops is limited, so sign up for one today!

To reserve a spot, download and submit the Workshop Registration Form along with a check for $200 to Sonex Aircraft, LLC, or simply give us a call at 920-231-8297 and have your credit card ready. VISA/MasterCard accepted. You may also register online.

Sonex Workshop Registration

(Online Registration)

Download PDF Registration Form

Airline Recommendations

  • Oshkosh Wittman Regional Airport is not Serviced by Commercial Airline Flights.
  • Appleton (20 miles North) is Serviced by several major carriers.
  • Green Bay (55 miles North) is Serviced by several major carriers.
  • Milwaukee (90 miles South) is Serviced by most major carriers.

Driving Directions, Lodging, Attractions

Get Directions to the Sonex Factory, see Lodging Options, and view a list of Local Attractions on our Map to Factory, Lodging, Restaurants, & Local Attractions page: Click Here


You'll have an opportunity to see Sonex Aircraft prototypes first-hand, and get a chance to try them on for size.

Workshop attendees get in-depth background information about the heritage behind Sonex Aircraft, and how the Sonex philosophy and techniques were developed through years of experience.

At Sonex workshops, you get hands-on metalworking experience with one-on-one guidance from Sonex staff, volunteers and experienced builders.

Be sure to watch our video series covering Required Tools to Build Sonex Aircraft before you arrive to the Workshop. The specific list of tools to bring to the Workshop can be found in the table at-right.

Experience a T-Flight Basic Aircraft Familiarization Flight at the Workshop!

Sonex Workshop attendees may sign-up for a Basic Aircraft Familiarization package via our T-Flight Transition Training program. Limited space is available and flight slots are weather-dependant. You may also extend your travel plans to fly during the week before or after the Workshop. Learn More about T-Flight and Sign-Up Today!

Sonex Workshops and T-Flight in the News:

Read about Sonex Workshops in "Building Before Buying" (Kitplanes: January, 2015)

Read about T-Flight Transition Training in "Getting a Good Start" (Kitplanes: February, 2015)

Typical Workshop Itinerary:

Day One

  • 8:00 AM Airport Entry Gate Unlocks - Doors Open for Registration
  • 8-8:45 AM Registration (sign-in & name badge) / Fly-By's* (weather permitting)
  • 8:45-9:15 AM Welcome. Staff and Attendee Introductions
  • 9:15-9:30 AM A Brief History of Monnett Aircraft Design
  • 9:30-10:15 AM Sonex Aircraft Design and Engineering Philosophy
  • 10:15-10:30 AM Break (breakfast snacks provided)
  • 10:30-11:30 AM Using Sonex Aircraft Plans
  • 11:30-12:00 PM Tour of Sonex Warehouse
  • 12:00-12:30 PM Lunch (provided) - Brief Presentation
  • 12:30-1:30 PM Project Demonstrations
  • 1:30-4:00 PM Workshop Project Construction
  • 4:00-4:30 PM Kit Sales Info and General Q&A
  • 4:30-6:30 PM Break - Off Site (Sonex Facility Closed)
  • 6:30 PM Evening Sessions:
    Hangar Flyin'/Q&A/Round Table

Day Two

  • 8:00 AM Airport Entry Gate Unlocks - Doors Open for Workshop Project Construction / Fly-By's (weather permitting)*
  • 8:30-9:50 AM Engines and Props Presentation
  • 9:50-10:00 AM Break (Breakfast Snacks Provided)
  • 10:00-11:15 AM Engine, Instrument, Upholstery, and Propeller purchasing, General Q&A
  • 11:15-12:00 PM Workshop Project Construction
  • 12:00-12:30 PM Lunch (provided) - Brief Presentation
  • 12:30-2:00 PM Organizing Your Project, Start-to-Finish
  • 2:00-2:15 PM Break
  • 2:15-3:00 PM Flying Sonex Aircraft, General Review, Q&A Session
  • 3:00-5:00 PM Workshop Project Completion (if necessary)

*Note: A Flight Demonstration will be performed at the beginning of either day one or day two, weather permitting.

Sonex Aircraft Design Philosophy:  A photo retrospective and aircraft walk-around tour that focuses on the philosophy that has made the Sonex one of the most desirable and economical sport aircraft and discusses the engineering efforts used to develop the current product line.

Engines and Props: A discussion of the Sonex design team’s engine history and experience. Jabiru and VW engine installation, proper maintenance, propeller selection, etc. help you make the right decisions to power your Sonex Aircraft.

What to Bring to Sonex Workshops
Before you Arrive: Be sure to watch our videos covering Required Tools to build Sonex Aircraft.
We will be providing a binder for your notes. We encourage you to bring the following tools labeled clearly with your name. Most of these tools are available from Wicks Aircraft 1-800-221-9425 or Avery Tools 1-800-652-8379.  Be sure to mention you are going to the Sonex workshop, Wicks will give you a 10 percent discount if you do!
Description Source and Part Number Approx Cost
3/8 Reversible Drill  (cordless ok) Any local hardware store $30-$150 depends on quality
Steel Ruler (12” Ruler-32nds + 64ths) Any local hardware store $11.75
Qty 1- 1/4”  Drill Bit Any local hardware store $3.20
File: 8" half-round fine-tooth Any local hardware store $10
Sandpaper: Anything between 120 and 240 grit Any local hardware store $5
Safety Goggles  (for your guest also) Any local hardware store $2-$5.00
Sharpie Markers-Blue Fine Point Office Supply Store $2.00
Plastic Mallet Sears Craftsman P/N 38292 $12.99  (Sears: 800-377-7414)
Qty 2- #40 Drill Bits Wicks #988-40 (or local hardware) $1.70 each
Qty 2-#30 Drill Bits Wicks #988-30 (or local hardware) $1.89 each
Qty 1-#21 Drill Bit Wicks #988-21  (or local hardware) $1.94 each
Cleco Pliers Wicks  #200-SHP $5.66
Andy Aluminum Snips Wicks  #MC – 14 $31.43
Qty 2- C-Clamps with Swivel Pads Wicks  6 Clamp $14.23 each
Fluting Pliers Avery #500 $42.95
Deburring Tool Avery #1046 $29.95
Vixen File Wicks #VX10 $30.57
Workshop Testimonials

"The building process explainations were great. Getting to see the planes in different stages of construction was helpful" -Jim Weber -Howard, OH

"I greatly enjoyed the seminar and your "family, honest" approach. It's refreshing that people like you are here and interested in home builders like me." -Frank Reed: MO

"The Seminar is a very worthwhile experience...instructional and inspirational, well worth the time, money, and effort to travel for..Thank you, your gang is a 1st class act. "-Barry Sklar: Las Vegas, NV

"I found your hints from 20+ years of building experience most helpful." -Dan Villiger: Columbus, IN

"This workshop was ideal!"-John Koser: Bloomington, MN

"John's (Monnett) Engine Evolution and Design overview presentations were worth the cost of the entire trip!" -Curtis Chapin: Jackson, MI

"Please extend my appreciation to everyone at Sonex for the workshop and all you do for your customers. I recognize that much of your efforts are driven by the profit motive, and that is quite all right.  But your enthusiasm far exceeds that required for a successful business, and that is what makes your organization so special." -Chris Smith: Palm Coast, FL

Read More Sonex Workshop Testimonials


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