Praise for New Sonex Web Site: Another Reason to Join the “Tribe”

Sonex Aircraft’s web presence, and our new web site in-particular, received some high praise from the blog recently. The post, written by the builder of a competing brand of kit plane and Evadot founder Michael Doornbos, discusses all of the functionality, informational content and support resources at

More significantly, the blog post titled “What Sonex Aircraft gets right about building a tribe” points-out all of the methods in which our web presence keeps customers engaged and connected to our factory, and to each other. From our regular Sonex news and builder news posts, to our mailing lists and news feeds, to our Builder Database, Builder Organizations and Events directory, and our social media presence (yes, we need to work on Instagram), current and prospective Sonex builders feel a unique connectedness to the worldwide Sonex family, and likewise, we feel a connectedness to them! Referencing a book by Seth Godin titled “Tribes: What you need to lead us,” (we’ll have to read this one now) Doornbos states “I’m not a Sonex customer, but their tribe makes me want to be one of them.”