September 8, 2009: High Power Runs in Integrated Aircraft System

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The biggest challenge the E-flight team currently faces with the project is the battery pack/power supply. A number of battery manufacturers have been approached as potential suppliers of the 15kW-h of power desired for the system. The goal of the E-Flight team is to forge a partnership with a battery company or companies that can deliver both a prototype system for the Proof-of-concept aircraft and have the ability to deliver packs for our optimized ESA Homebuilt Aircraft.

In the coming weeks, the E-Flight team will be integrating some refinements in Motor Design to increase efficiency and ready the motor for production. The next generation E-Flight motor controller is also in design phase and will be integrated after the first flight.

Our team remains extremely excited and motivated by this progress which will result in an electric power system that is not only ready for flight demonstration but also ready to become a commercial product.

Completed installation of the system into N270DC, the proof-of-concept Waiex aircraft.


Successful functional tests of all components of the system including instrumentation, motor control, and control management board.


Ran integrated system on 300V power supply.


Tour of integrated system with lead-acid battery stack.


Ran integrated system on the lead-acid battery stack.

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