April 2, 2008: First Runs of E-Flight Electric Motor

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A prototype AeroConversions E-Flight Electric Motor was first run in the fall of 2007 at low power using simple computerized commutation software. Since then, the prototype Hall effect sensing system for the motor has been built and tested, and the prototype E-Flight Electronic Motor Controller has been built and is currently being tested and refined. On March 17, 2008 the E-Flight Electric Motor was run for the first time under load, using a test club propeller, and for the first time using a rheostat throttle user interface with the prototype Controller (see video at right).

In the coming weeks, the E-Flight design team will pursue testing of the motor at significantly higher power settings using a bank of traditional lead-acid batteries to facilitate power for ground testing. Also, the test flight pack of Lithium Polymer batteries are due to arrive at Sonex Aircraft, LLC in the coming weeks for initial testing and integration into the proof-of-concept aircraft system.

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