AeroVee Assembly Video Now on YouTube!

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Sonex and AeroConversions is pleased to announce that the AeroVee Assembly DVD is no-longer a DVD — the video is now available to watch for free on YouTube! The video is now available as a 31-part YouTube playlist and can be viewed from your phone or tablet conveniently in the shop environment.

A great companion to the AeroVee Assembly and Installation Manuals, this video series gives detailed visual depiction of all AeroVee assembly tasks along with helpful commentary by EAA and Sonex alumnus Joe Norris. Also incldued in this video series is a detailed introduction to the AeroConversions AeroInjector.

The AeroVee Engine Kit is an all-inclusive package with brand-new core engine parts (including case), CNC-machined aircraft conversion parts, ignition and induction. Available in a normally-aspirated 80hp version and turbocharged 100hp version, the AeroVee Engine Kit puts knowledge and experience in the homebuilder’s hands via the assembly process allowing the builder to conduct their own maintenance and overhauls through the years. Available for over 20 years, the AeroVee is the cornerstone of Sonex aircraft performance and economy — The Best Performance Per Dollar!

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